My 5-point checklist for starting a new business

Entrepreneur Per Wickstrom advises would-be new business owners on five steps to take before making the entrepreneurial leap.
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Earn the loyalty of your very busiest clients

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen writes about ways to provide responsive service to your very busiest clients.
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Reinventing yourself and your small business

Mark Auerbach provides important tips on how to reinvent yourself and your small business, something we all need to consider from time to time to stay current with the market and with our own changing interests.
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Customers are your lifeblood; make them feel like it

Blogger Henry Brown writes about the importance of building a good customer experience and gives tips on how to do that.
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5 tactics to cut your small business supply chain costs

Blogger Henry Brown advises small business owners to pay close attention to supply chain costs that can eat into your bottom line.
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