How to lose a customer by not really trying

Small business blogger Jeanne Yocum shares a story that illustrates the high cost of ignoring existing customers while you go after new business.
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Completely preventable ways your business is losing money

Guest poster Henry Brown discusses four reasons your small business or start-up may be leaking money and suggests how to fix the problem.
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3 key ways to discover what people think of your small business

It's vital to know what people think about your business. Guest poster Henry Brown recommends three ways to get this information.
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Perfecting your video conferencing etiquette

Technology advances allow even small businesses to benefits from video conferencing. Make sure you're at your best with these etiquette tips.
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Cash vs. non-cash rewards: The good and the bad

Guest poster Carl Martens discusses the pros and cons of using cash and non-cash rewards as employee incentives.
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