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Need a business boost? A trade show could be the ticket

Blogger Henry Brown talks about how participating in a trade show can benefit your small business.

Best-kept secrets that every small business owner needs to know

Henry Brown writes about four areas that new small business owners should master to support success.

5 offline marketing tips that could save your start-up

Online isn’t the only way to grow your new start-up. Here are five offline techniques that can up your odds of success.

Doing business online has benefits, but so do face-to-face meetings

Guest poster Per Wickstrom talks about the benefits that come from meeting clients and others in-person rather than relying only on Internet communications.

Mastering small talk: The art of schmooze when networking for your small business

Small business blogger Mark Auerbach presents great tips on how to master the art of small talk when attending networking events to promote your small business.

New book, Smartcuts, gives insights into how to fast-forward your success

Journalist and Web entrepreneur Shane Snow has a new book on nine strategies that can help you fast track success in your career or small business, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Three lessons learned from 25 years of self-employment

To celebrate her 25th year as a freelancer, blogger Jeanne Yocum writes about three things that are essential to having a long run at self-employment.

Good small business reads #39: Staying creative and happy and making the most of networking opportunities

Issue #39 of Good Small Business Reads includes articles just right for beach reading! Get tips on being more creative and happier running your small business.

Perils of self-employment #28: Becoming overconfident

Blogger Jeanne Yocum talks about the peril of becoming so over-confident that you stop marketing your small business. This leaves you vulnerable when faced with an unexpected client defection.

Why networking is important for small businesses

This week’s guest poster on SucceedinginSmallBusiness writes about the importance of building a strong network for your small business.

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