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How start-ups can get noticed on social media

Social media can play a big role in getting your start-up off to a great start, writes guest poster Henry Brown. He provides tips on how to get started.

Think before you click: Your reputation depends on it

One ill-considered social media post can ruin your reputation and damage your small business, writes blogger Mark Auerbach, who provides strategies for avoiding such online faux pas.

Bridging the digital divide: Bringing technology into the workplace, Part II

In part two of her series for SucceedingInSmallBusiness, Leandra Williams provides data on the top three social media platforms that can help you decide which is right for your small business marketing.

Social media is here to stay: Basics small business owners need to know

Blogger Mark Auerbach tells small business owners what they need to consider before venturing into the world of social media.

Automated social media tools can be perilous for small businesses in times of crisis

Blogger Jeanne Yocum points out how NOT to tweet during a disaster like the Boston Marathon bombings.

Good small business reads #28: Finding an angel investor, social media lessons, protecting your customers’ data and more

A Valentine’s Day issue of Good Small Business Reads, with advice on finding an angel investor, keeping customers’ info safe, using Twitter and pitfalls that accompany rapid business growth.

Things small business owners should avoid #5: Complacency

Blogger Jeanne Yocum warns small business owners of the dangers of falling behind the times and becoming complacent.

Making room for entrepreneurship amidst the day-to-day demands of a small business

Karen Utgoff advises on four practices that can help small business owners build entrepreneurship into their companies to drive innovation.

Welcome to 2012: Is your small business marketing strategy worthy of the new year?

My chief question to you is whether you are marketing in ways that fit the times or whether you’re just doing what you have always done?

Supporting your small business success: What not to do in 2012

Last week someone tweeted a link on Twitter to an article I just HAD to read immediately. It was entitled “Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012,” written by strategy consultant Dorie Clark for the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. As I read her list of five behaviors she recommends ditching, I found myself […]

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