10 business ideas you’ve never thought of

Love pets? A dog walking/sitting business could be your key to small business success.

Love pets? A dog walking/sitting business could lead you to small business success.

By Alex Williams

Since more and more people who are considering starting their own business firmly believe they have both the idea and skills tol help them achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of, we’re facing stronger competition than ever and more businesses offering the same or very similar service.

Naturally, it’s extremely difficult to stand out if you’re offering the same product and service as dozens or even hundreds of other companies in your region. It’s not impossible, but you either need to have much better references or beat the competitors by offering lower prices.

So, what’s the alternative for those who want to create their own destiny? Well, they might consider being more original with their business idea to begin with. Here are some ideas that might interest those thinking about becoming entrepreneurs.

Dog sitting

If you have a large home and love dogs, you might want to offer a doggy daycare. With so many people working long hours away from home, you might be able to offer them and their pets a service they really need. Dog walking is another service you might offer and if you undergo some training in managing animals, you’re more likely to be hired.

Car valeting

Instead of having to drive their cars to a car wash, many owners would definitely prefer to have someone come over and do the job on the spot. You would have to invest in some high-quality equipment, but once you start providing a good service, the number of your returning customers is likely to grow.

Delivery service

With more and more people being reluctant to leave their home in order to get something, having a delivery service that would help them pick stuff from dry cleaning, bring takeout to work or complete any other errand sounds like a great idea.

Virtual assistance

The development of technology has made it possible for people to reach customers from all over the world. For example, you can be a virtual PA or provide remote telephone answering service for a company from another continent, as long as you speak the language required and have the necessary skills for the job. In terms of equipment, all you need is a computer and good Internet connection.

Renting websites

This may sound strange, but there are developers who don’t only create websites from scratch for specific companies, but rather anticipate the demand and create a few websites for a certain niche. Then they offer customizable versions to local or international companies and collect regular monthly income for maintaining the sites.

Pet food

Just like people pay more attention to what they eat, they feel their pets also deserve the best the money can buy, which is why another good idea might be the production of high quality or raw pet food. You’d need to invest in the right equipment and amenities, but if there’s enough demand, especially locally, you might be able to get your money back relatively soon.

Activity bars

Most people go to bars because they like the atmosphere. A lot of bars offer little more than drinks and light snacks, which is why an activity bar might be worth considering. Arcades or even bowling alleys are added to create an experience that people would like to relive over and over again. It does require a significant investment, but it also might be very lucrative.


Although you normally don’t associate teaching with a great income, if you have a skill that might be attractive to children and adults in your area, why not help them hone that skill? Whether it’s speaking a foreign language or playing an instrument, you’ll be doing potentially the most rewarding job in the world.

Organic vegetables

There’s been a constant increase in the demand for fresh, organic vegetables. If your neighborhood is one of those where people are ready to pay for healthy, locally grown food, you should seriously consider starting your own production on an allotment or in a greenhouse. Naturally, you need to carefully select the seeds and soil and make sure you offer some rare or exotic product that other producers in your area have not grown yet.

Chicken farm

Another idea that requires an allotment. Locally grown, free-range chicken meat and eggs have always been popular products in most regions. Even if you don’t have any experience in farming, it’s not something that’s difficult to learn. The most important thing is to provide enough food, water and place for chickens and hens to roam freely.

While none of these ideas might be exactly right for you, they should get you started toward brainstorming something different that will suit you – and your potential customers.


Alex Williams is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at Bizzmakr Blog. You can find Alex at on Facebook and Twitter.

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