Articles from August 2017

5 things your employees should never do on their work computers

Guest poster Veselina Dzhingarova warns against 5 big mistakes employees make in using work computers that could harm your small business.

Avoid these major pitfalls to secure your startup

Henry Brown writes about 3 common mistakes entrepreneurs make in the startup stage that can sink their businesses.

Web DIY vs. professional design: Pros and cons

Guest poster Henry Brown discusses whether you should try building your small business website on your own or hire a pro.

Small businesses can win big in the UPS X-Port Challenge

The UPS X-Port Challenge offers small businesses an opportunity to win support for their exporting efforts.

How to create a successful SMS marketing campaign

SMS marketing opens a new sales channel for your small business; follow these tips to succeed with this strategy.

Perk up your presentation skills

Mark Auerbach talks about the importance of effective presentation skills and offers resources to help you improve your own skills.

Review: Alan Alda’s new book on communicating is a must-read

Alan Alda’s new book on communicating and relating can make a difference in the success of your small business, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Choose the right accountant for your small business

Hannah Thomas gives advice on how to hire the best accountant for your small business.

Tips to boost the online appearance of your small business

Alex Williams offers tips on how to make sure your website and social media efforts pay off for your small business.

Observe and empathize to know your clients

Michelle van Schouwen discusses how knowing what makes your clients tick supports the success of your small business.

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