Articles from October 2017

Beware the long-term lease or contract

Michelle van Schouwen offers hard-earned good advice about negotiating rental and leasing agreements for your small business.

5 lessons to learn from failing businesses

Leila Dorari talks about 5 reasons start-up businesses fail and how you can avoid this fate with your small business.

Infographic: Improve ecommerce conversion rates

This infographic has 20 tips to help you increase the number of customers who buy from your ecommerce site.

Creating a stellar knowledge base: 10 best practices to follow

Robin Singh explains how to create a knowledge base that will help both customers and employees find the info they need about your company.

4 simple secrets to controlling your small business cash flow

Business blogger Henry Brown explains four ways you can keep on top of your small business cash flow.

Solopreneurs don’t get enough credit

Business blogger Henry Brown believes solopreneurs should get more recognition and credit, given the hard path they follow.

5 effective ways to engage your managers

Middle managers are important to the growth of your small business; here are 5 ways to help them succeed.

5 best practices for building relationships with clients

Blogger Emma Miller offers advice on how to strengthen your client relationships.

How to scale customer service without hiring new personnel

Need to improve your customer service but can’t afford to hire more staff? Live chat on your website might be the answer.

How to hire the right help for your small business

Blogger Henry Brown offers tips on how to hire the right people to help you expand your small business.

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