Articles from September 2020

How to organize your finances in preparation for a small business loan

Brooke Chaplan explains what you need to do to prepare for applying for a business loan.

How great software can help improve your small business

Samantha Higgins writes about the types of software that will help make your small business more efficient.

How to prevent employee theft while working remotely (infographic)

This infograhic focuses on ways to reduce employee theft.

Should you hire a public relations expert?

Mark G. Auerbach offers advice on how to hire the right publicist for your small business.

4 ways you could be taking better care of your employees

Henry Brown points out four ways you can take better care of your employees in today’s trying business environment.

Should your small business expand to a second site?

James Daniels discusses how to go about considering opening a second location for your small business.

5 tips for starting a corporate philanthropy program

Henry Brown explains the benefits of corporate philanthropy for your business and how to get started with such a program.

When your customer service isn’t serving your customers

Henry Brown writes about common customer service pitfalls and how to overcome them.

How to use HARO to get free press coverage for your small business

Oli Graham explains how using HARO can provide free publicity for any small business.

Should your small business budget for 5G?

Henry Brown explains why small business owners should consider shifting to 5G if it’s available in their region.

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