Articles from September 2020

Best marketing automation software for small businesses

Sara Williams writes about the benefits of marketing automation software and suggests the best available programs.

Why you’re not achieving your business goals

Henry Brown points out reasons some business owners are not achieving their goals.

The future of the business meeting

Michelle van Schouwen predicts fewer face-to-face meetings even after the corona virus pandemic is over.

4 simple ways to ramp up sales for your small business

Regina Thomas suggests ways to quickly rebuild sales once you re-open your small business.

Using video in email marketing (infographic)

This infographic gets small business owners up to speed on using video in their email marketing campaigns.

Returning to work: Tips for getting back on track By Imogen Clarke

Imogene Clark discusses considerations small business owners need to think about when re-opening after the pandemic lockdown.

Delivery options for your home business

Henry Brown explains delivery options for home-based businesses.

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