Articles from January 2021

What is a sales funnel and why should you create one?

Henry Brown explains sales funnels and points to key steps in creating an effective one for your small business.

5 free tools to save your small business money

Henry Brown points to five free internet tools that can help you save money and do a better job running your small business.

4 signs your business is ready to move into a larger space

Anica Oaks points to reasons why now might to be the right time to move your small business into larger office space.

How to get your office ready for the return of employees

Henry Brown offers suggestions on how to get your office ready for returning employees during the pandemic.

Improving consumer confidence in small businesses (infographic)

Michaela Wong offers advice on how to build customer trust in your small business.

How to help prevent ecommerce fraud (infographic)

Dori Bright provides an infographic and other information to help you stop cybercriminals from attacking your eCommerce website.

Perfecting your media pitch

Mark G. Auerbach explains how to increase the odds of success when pitching your business story to a reporter.

Nurturing connections for your small business in challenging times

Michelle van Schouwen offers advice on how to maintain good relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders during the pandemic.

3 tips for managing vendors to your small businesses

Sheryl Wright offers ideas on how to form successful relationships with vendors to your small business.

The importance of business analysis training for small business owners and solopreneurs

Henry Brown explains why small business owners and solopreneurs need business analysis skills.

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