Articles from March 2021

Rewriting your business story to build small business loyalty

Henry Brown discusses ways to share your business story with customers to increase loyalty.

How to use a social media influencer for your small business marketing: An interview with Alex Shebar

In an interview with Alex Shebar, Michelle van Schouwen explores how social media influencer marketing works.

How to decide when your small business is ready to work with partners

Emma Sturgis offers guidance on how to know if it’s time to take on a business partner for your small business.

How to know if self-employment is right for you

Rosana Beechum poses four questions to ask yourself if you’re considering becoming self-employed.

Making the pandemic pivot with your small business

Mark G. Auerbach discusses how he pivoted his business during the pandemic and suggests ways you can do this, too.

5 business benefits of social commerce

Henry Brown explains how using social commerce can benefit your small business.

Ways to spark creativity in your team more easily

Noah Rue discusses ways to encourage employee creativity in your small business.

7 ways to make your business pitch stand out

Evelyn James discusses seven ways you can hone your business pitch to improve your chances for success.

4 things to look for In your next employee

James Daniels discusses what to look for when hiring your next small business employee.

How to gain an advantage when competing online

Henry Brown points out five ways to improve the ability of your small business to compete online.

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