Articles from February 2022

Who do you need on your small business team?

Henry Brown discusses key team members for a small business.

7 signs that it’s time to relocate your small business

Henry Brown discusses reasons why this might be the time to find a new location for your small business.

Which marketing tactics are right for your industry?

Henry Brown looks at factors that will help you determine the best marketing tactics for your small business.

New “flatter” organizations – good for small businesses?

Michelle van Schouwen looks at the trend toward building flatter organizational structures and the benefits this has for small businesses.

How to grow your business with deeper team integration

Noah Rue offers ideas on how to better bring your employees together to increase productivity and success in your small business.

Why phone calls are still important in the business world

Rebecca Stuart explains why phone calls are still important when you’re running a small business.

5 nontraditional marketing strategies that help grow your small business

Henry Brown discusses some nontraditional marketing methods that can draw more attention to your small business.

Here’s why you’re struggling to get funding for your small business idea

Henry Brown explains why it can sometimes be hard to get funding for a start-up business.

How to get constructive customer feedback

Henry Brown offers advice on how to get customer feedback that will be useful to your small business.

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