Articles from November 2022

6 things employers need to know about class action lawsuits

Rachelle Wilber explains how class action lawsuits can impact a small business and what owners can do to avoid such problems.

Combating talent shortages: How small businesses can attract remote employees

Indiana Lee offers advice to small business owners who are struggling to keep employees.

Why bigger isn’t always better: Why you should target a niche market

Henry Brown explains why finding a niche market might be the best way to go with your new small business.

6 copywriting tips to grow your small business

Emma Miller offers tips on how small business owners can do a great job with copywriting content for their business.

Planning a festive event for your staff

Henry Brown offers advice on how to organize a great year-end holiday party for your employees.

3 ways to incorporate more recycling into your small business

Henry Brown offers tips on how to increase the recycling efforts of a small business.

Ways to improve communication in your small business

Brooke Chaplan offers advice on how to improve employee communication in any small business.

5 tips to keep the office clean throughout the year

Dixie Somers offers five important ways to clean and organize your office so it makes a good impression and leads to increased productivity.

Ergonomic office: 5 must-haves for productive work

Lizzie Weakley offers ideas on how to equip your office to increase comfort and productivity.

How to create a more automated business structure

Hannah Boothe offers ideas on how to automate the operations in your small business to improve efficiency and boost profitability.

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