25 ways to build your business through offline marketing

Sponsoring a youth athletic team keeps your name in front of fans all season long.

Sponsoring a youth athletic team keeps your name in front of fans all season long.

In today’s hyper-connected world, it has never been easier to reach out to a potential customer. Your business can purchase Internet ads, blast targeted emails and promote posts on social media platforms — and you can do all of these things 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’ve been funneling more and more of your marketing spend into online marketing efforts, you’re not alone — online marketing spending has been on the rise just as traditional offline forms of marketing have been on the decline. Yet even though it’s tempting to think of traditional media and marketing as dinosaurs limping to their certain doom, that’s hardly the case.

Offline marketing efforts still have the power to draw in new customers and promote your brand, even without the Internet behind them. In the rush to be on the cutting edge of trends, too many businesses and brands forget how effective offline marketing can be. Emails and tweets are fine, but there’s no substitution for the tactile connection a good business card or promotional item can create between a customer and your business.

One blog post has the potential to reach millions, but it’s hard for it to generate the same level of goodwill in your community as sponsoring a youth sports team or community group. You can have a million followers on social media, but inspiring even a handful of people through a speaking engagement or trade show appearance can have far more impact on your business.

Online marketing can be an extremely useful means of reaching out to customers, but there are still many good reasons why offline marketing should remain a fixture in your plans. The slideshow below lists 25 of the most effective forms of offline marketing you can put to use in your business. Creating connections with your customers doesn’t have to require an Internet connection, and here’s why.

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