3 tips to know when you are starting your own small business

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By James Daniels

When you are starting your own small business, it is a good idea to check out what is going on around you in the world of business to see how well your business will fare.

Getting the right support, especially in the early days, can be a godsend and will help you focus on the areas of your business that require all your attention.

When you are thinking about marketing, it is a good idea to remember not everyone is addicted to social media, so there are potential customers out there that could be being missed by those businesses that aim solely at that platform for their sales.

Get your business plan sorted

It is important to work out a business plan in order to be able to set yourself obtainable targets and to show others what it is you have planned and how far you want your business to go.

By having a good and thorough business plan drawn up, you will be able to prove to lenders that you mean business or show potential investors how their money will benefit your business and what kind of returns they are likely to see for their investments.

In order to have a good business plan, you will have to do a lot of research into whether or not there is a market and how much of a demand there is for your business services. If there are other businesses already supplying what you have in mind, you will be able to gauge the prices you will be able to charge, what the customer will be expecting, and if there is room in the marketplace for you.

Focus on your website

Making sure that your website is of good usable quality is one thing, but keeping it current, up-to-date, secure, and fast can be a time-consuming task. There are businesses that will happily do this for you and also offer WordPress maintenance services so that you can relax and concentrate on other areas of your business that require your attention.

Your website is more than likely the first point of contact any potential customer will have with you or your business, and first impressions do last. If your website does not match your business, your potential customers could very well become confused and click away. They will more than likely do this if your website is slow loading or not clear and precise in the services or products that you are offering.

Get your business known

It is important to get your business known and not only on online platforms such as social media, of which there are many platforms that most people have access to on a daily basis, but also by using other forms of media.

These can be done with a mind to catch those that slip through the social media net. By writing and submitting articles about your business to local newspapers and magazines, you can get not only by hard print but also on their online editions. Make sure to add links back to your website so that potential customers are able to continue looking and buying easily.


James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.

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