4 reasons to upgrade the product packaging of your small business

By Emma Sturgis

Are you considering upgrading the packaging of your products? Small business owners who think strategically may do so for a number of beneficial reasons. Here are the top four reasons why you may need to upgrade your product packaging.

To highlight original merchandise

If you have created products but have not given much thought to an original package, it is important to create solid packaging to brand your merchandise. Companies that manufacture and ship their own products in branded boxes are a cut above the grade when compared to companies that use generic, plain boxes for every order.

If you have more than one product, you can create unique packages for each one that reflects your brand. Creating product lines with distinct packaging can differentiate your business from competitors and further impress consumers. Yes, this will require work on your part, but the results will be well worth it, and using a resource such as a primary packaging marketplace will make the process quicker and easier.

To make it look professional

It is possible for a small business owner to have a great and effective product inside of packaging that looks shoddy on the outside. Many consumers often equate poor packaging with poor products. Products in packaging that appears amateurish and unprofessional are less likely to be desired by consumers.

If you want to gain more sales, investing in custom box packaging is essential so that your products look professional and neat when on display. Consumers who observe great packaging are more likely to view your business as highly professional and reputable. Numerous types of packaging are available, and new forms are constantly being brought to market; to begin learning more about various types of packaging available to your company, read the post linked here.

To rebrand your company

Many small businesses also engage in rebranding to express a change in direction, or to recover from a public relations crisis. No matter the reason, rebranding done right demands new packaging.

If you ever decide to rebrand your company in the future, you will need to change the design on your packages. Whether you need to update the list of ingredients or change the shape and size of a package, a packaging service can complete the task. Changing your company logo, slogan, or mission statement requires that you place up-to-date information and visuals on each package sold.

To keep up with consumer demand, consider upgrading to sustainable packaging materials as well. Many customers are more interested in non-wasteful packaging for reducing their carbon footprint. This will help you alter your image and move toward becoming a more environmentally conscious business.

To alter an old design

You may have created an early design to include on your products, but now you realize that it no longer works well or serves your purpose. Fortunately, you can upgrade the design on your product packaging to create something fresh that suits your business and is liked by consumers. Whether you plan to switch to a more modern style or a custom fitted box, you can bring new life and interest to your products by altering the package’s design. To create product packaging that works today, you need to pay attention to current consumer trends and make sure that your packaging reflects them. Some businesses sell products with stamped or embossed packaging to indicate that it is a luxury item. Also, with consumers being more conscious of sustainability, using resealable bags might be another change you want to make to help brand your business as one that cares about the environment.

The way you present your products to consumers matters tremendously for higher sales and the success of your business. Small businesses owners who invest in excellent product packaging can outshine their competitors and compete with the best of them. Knowing when to update your product packaging is essential so that you are able to capitalize off of any packaging trends in your industry. When you update your product packaging accordingly, your small business sales can thrive.


Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based out of Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. When not writing, she enjoys reading and watching film noir. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2.

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