4 steps to a perfectly organized desk

By Jacob Mathias

When it comes to your workspace, having an organized desk will take you far in terms of productivity. Working in a space that is clear of clutter focuses your attention on the work at hand. Misplaced notes and random papers will cause unnecessary stress. In a few easy steps, you can be well on your way to being more effective during work hours.

#1 – Create a work-only space

The first step is to make sure that your desk is only used for work related activities. It is always tempting to use a desk for leaving bills that need to be taken care of, notes from school, coupons, extra pens, etc. All of those papers and supplies quickly pile up and lead to a mess. Keep non-work-related items in a separate space to ensure that the area where you work is neat.

#2 – Start fresh

Start by taking everything off your desk, so that you can start fresh. Place your computer so that it’s eye level when you work. Next keep only a few pens, pencils, notepads, and supplies. Keep extras stored away in a drawer. Remove unnecessary papers. Try using a tote or other bag as a filing system that can be kept under the desk. During your cleanout, make sure to only keep what you actually need and do not try and convince yourself that you still need an old takeout menu. It’s most likely available online!

#3 – A Focus on aesthetics

As a motivator, style your desk in a way that makes you want to come back to it day after day. Personalize your space. It’s fun to have a custom desk mat that matches the aesthetic of your space. Organizing experts recommend Love Desk Mats, which are perfect for keeping a desk clean and scratch free. It’s also the perfect desk mat for precise and quick mouse movements.

#4 – End the day right

At the end of the day when you are ready to shut your computer down, do a quick scan and organize your space. Put away all of the papers and materials you used that day, carefully tuck away and cords, chargers or wires from the day, and maybe even do a quick wipe down of the space in order to keep away any excess dust that might have accumulated. If you keep this up every day, the organization that you worked so hard to achieve will be maintained. When you create a habit of doing something at the end of every workday that stands as the close of the day, it acts as a sense of closure for your mind to be able to just shut off the work part.


Jacob Mathias is an entrepreneur and passionate about keeping workspaces organized. While personalizing his space one day, he realized that there wasn’t a desk mat that could be customized to his exact specifications. Using his business savvy, he launched Love Desk Mats, a company focused on high quality desk pads in a range of colors and styles.


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