4 tips when using a Mac laptop in your small business

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By Henry Brown

When you’re running a small business, every penny counts. That’s why it’s essential to make the most of the technology you use to help your business run more efficiently. A Mac laptop can be an excellent tool for small businesses, but there are a few things you need to know to get the most out of it. This blog post will discuss four tips for using a Mac laptop in your small business.

1) Get to know the keyboard shortcuts.

One of the best things about using a Mac is that there are countless keyboard shortcuts that can help you get tasks done more quickly and efficiently. If you’re unfamiliar with them, take some time to learn the most used shortcuts. You’ll be surprised at how much time they can save you in the long run. Here are a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts:

– Command + C = Copy

– Command + V = Paste

– Option + Command + Esc = Force quit an application

– Control + Option + Command + Spacebar = Open Spotlight search

– Shift + Option +Command+ T = Open new Finder window

2) Keep your software up to date.

One of the most important things you can do when using any type of technology is to keep your software up to date. New updates often include security fixes and performance enhancements that can make a big difference in how well your laptop runs. If you do not update your Mac’s software, it heats up, the battery drains quickly, and it eventually becomes slower.

You can check for updates by opening the App Store application and clicking on the Updates tab. When new updates are available, be sure to install them as soon as possible.

You should also regularly check for updates for any third-party applications you use. Most developers will release updates periodically that address bugs or add new features.

It’s important to note that some updates may require you to restart your computer, so be sure to save any work before installing them.

3) Use iCloud to your advantage.

iCloud is a great way to keep your files backed up and accessible from any device. If you’re not already using iCloud, we recommend setting it up as soon as possible. You can use iCloud to store documents, photos, music, and more. And best of all, it’s free!

Once you’ve set up iCloud, be sure to take advantage of its features. For example, you can use the iCloud Drive app to access your files from any Mac or iOS device. You can also set up automatic backups, so you never have to worry about losing important data.

To learn more about how to use iCloud, be sure to check out Apple’s support page.

4) Use apps to boost productivity.

There are countless apps available that can help you boost productivity and get more done in less time. While there are too many to list here, we recommend checking out a few of our favorites:

– Evernote: This app is excellent for taking notes, organizing your thoughts, and keeping track of tasks.

– Slack: Slack is a great way to communicate with team members and stay up-to-date on projects.

– Todoist: Todoist is a simple but effective to-do list app that can help you keep track of everything you need to do.

– RescueTime: RescueTime helps you track how you’re spending your time so you can identify ways to be more productive.

– LastPass: LastPass is a password manager that can help you keep track of all your passwords and logins in one place.

– Alfred: Alfred is a handy app that lets you search for files, launch apps, and more with just a few keystrokes.

These are just a few of the many great productivity-boosting apps that are available. Explore the App Store and see what else is out there.

By following these four tips, you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your Mac laptop and using it to its full potential.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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