4 ways to make your shop interior more appealing to customers

By Anica Oaks

In this digital era, the bustling online economy makes it difficult for a retail store to survive. To address this challenge, revisit the fundamentals of attracting customers into a physical building? What follows are four principals for making your shop interior more appealing to customers.


The foyer is the most vulnerable place in any store. From this location, customers move into their first experience of your product. Here, quick judgments espouse criticism of price, quality, cleanliness, and service. Pay critical attention to what you place here; chances predict customers overlooking both promotions and product. What customers will notice is the overall appearance of the store. Pay attention to what you choose for colors, lighting, and signage. These will ultimately convey the character and service levels of your shop.


So, once you get the customer to walk in with your eye-catching displays and advertisements, what is next? You have the gorgeous needful merchandise, but how do you make the connection between curiosity and the pocketbook? Structure a journey through the store by pathways. Design a total temptation for a hands-on experience. The point of a walking path is to give high exposure to your available product. Use furniture to control foot traffic, and use displays to encourage interaction with wares.


The quickest way to have customers leave of your shop is to maintain a cluttered service floor. If your customers are not able to find sought-after merchandise, they will walk away. Visual clarity and simple organization are important factors in creating an attractive atmosphere. Organize your merchandise using effective presentations. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule. When necessary, limit the amount of product to market needs. Take into account that providing too many choices are just as defeating as offering too little. Choose simple, clear, and direct principles to attract the eyes as well as the mind.

Air quality and heat

Now that you have customers in the store, how do you keep them comfortable during their shop? One environmental quality that is vital to a positive shopping experience is the temperature of the store. Whether too cold or too hot, extremes will drive even your most frequent customers out of the front door. Preparations for the busy winter holiday season should include burner service for your boiler. Get burner service combustion analysis to guarantee your boiler to run at peak performance. Efficiency is of prime concern during the colder months. Regular check-ups can determine the amount of oxygen used in the combustion process. Regulating that properly leads to assurance against breakdown during high sales months.

The beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship

Remember, the appeal of your store is not completely in the product you sell. The public draw is partially due to the experience and atmosphere you build around the merchandise. Coming to the cash register with purchase in-hand is not solely about satisfying an emotion in buying a bar of handmade soaps; promotions show shop owner efforts directly translate into sales. Asking the floor attendant for additional purchases is about developing faithfulness in customers after garnering the initial appeal. The resulting benefit of a reliable reputation comes after practicing the tenets of strategic placement, hands-on interaction, and environmental control.


Anica Oaks is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. You can connect with Anica on Twitter @AnicaOaks.

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