5 affordable workplace solutions for startups

Your local library is one option as a place to work when you're in the early startup stage.

Your local library is one option as a place to work when you’re in the early startup stage.

By Sam White

As everyone knows, when you are running a startup, money is tight. But, with so much to do, it’s vital to have a dedicated workspace. The trouble is, it can be difficult to find an affordable solution. In this guide, we’re going to take you through some of your options – let’s get started right away.

Work from home

The best solution for single-person startups is, of course, working from home. There are no costs to you other than what you already pay for rent or mortgage and utility bills. Plus, you can write off a portion of these expenses of your tax payments. It’s cheap, you can work whenever you want, and you will cut down on most of your travel expenses, too. However, it’s not all rosy. You may feel less professional working from home than you would from an office. And, of course, there are many distractions. Your home life can easily start seeping into your work life, and that can cause plenty of issues.

Work from someone else’s home

Don’t feel that working from home is right for you? Then why not try a service like Spacehop. They search out home office space in your location from a variety of homeowners. You rent it, pay them some money for as long as you need it, and there’s no long contract. It’s an affordable solution, for sure – and there are plenty of other alternatives arriving on the scene, too.

Your local library

Another alternative for the lone startup entrepreneur is your local library. All you have to do is sign up, and you will have access to their systems. It’s not ideal, of course. But, if your startup requires access to a lot of information, it will all be there at your fingertips.

Go portable

If you have a bit of land available, why not think of renting mobile offices? This is a cost-effective solution for startups that already have a few people on board. The cost of hiring used modular buildings is far cheaper than renting an expensive city office. And, they can offer all the comforts you would expect. It’s not the perfect solution for everyone, of course. But, if you are looking to provide a space for several people and want to save money, it’s an excellent way to get started.

Co-working spaces

There are hundreds of coworking spaces available all over the country. And, there are plenty of advantages if using them. You get a cheap workspace, of course – far more cost-effective of renting an office. But, you also get access to many other people in a similar position. You can bounce ideas off people, get involved in group projects, and have access to industry talks and presentations. Many successful startups have emerged from this new way of working – and there’s no reason yours won’t, either.

As you can see, there are plenty of affordable options for workspaces when you are in a startup. There is no need to rent expensive office space – for the moment, at least. Once you are up and running, it’s a different story, of course. But until then? These solutions will be a perfect match for your needs.


Sam White is a writer and publisher on all things startups and business and a regular contributor to multiple online business magazines.

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