5 best ways to motivate your employees

By David Webb

The modern business environment surely is an opportune one for employees and entrepreneurs alike. With the rise of the digital era, aspiring business leaders have the opportunity to establish a company within hours, attract top talent in the industry to their brand, and expand their reach to touch the hearts and minds of the global audience.

However, leading a 21st-century company is not all sunshine and rainbows – one of the biggest problems for business leaders is in fact talent retention. The millennial workforce not only demands that the modern work environment be conducive to personal growth and development, but they’re also unafraid to leave a company at a moment’s notice should they feel their talents and expertise are being wasted. This means you need to ensure employee satisfaction in every sense of the word, so let’s take a look at the five best ways to motivate your employees to stay in love with your brand.

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Firstly, it’s important to realize just how much the modern employee needs to feel appreciated, noted, and relevant. After all, your employees are the driving force behind the success of your company, so it only stands to reason that you should acknowledge their unique traits and personalities, and devote time, as a leader, to every individual’s needs.

This doesn’t mean you should be anyone’s babysitter or personal psychiatrist, but it does mean spending quality time with your team, and being open and free to talk to them about anything that might be on their mind. Not only will this make you a true leader, but it will also create a trustworthy bond with your team members.

Let them showcase their talents

In a nutshell, don’t micromanage, but let them do their jobs. After all, you hired industry experts, so let them be industry experts! If you constantly look over their shoulder, you will not only waste your own time, but you will create an uneasy vibe in the workplace, and thus hinder their productivity. But letting people do their job is not the only thing you need to do – you also want to capitalize on their true potential.

Remember, people should not be defined solely by their job description, as every individual has several talents and traits that might be beneficial to your company. It is therefore a good idea to incentivize them to showcase their talents, speak up, and contribute to the cause in various ways. Who knows, maybe a creative employee in an entirely different part of the company will come up with an idea that will take your entire marketing strategy to a whole new level of cool.

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Rewarding your employees is extremely important, let’s just get that out of the way. Unfortunately, the majority of leaders think a reward can only come in the form of a raise, which is definitely not enough to motivate a 21st-century workforce. Instead, you need to be creative with your reward system and offer something of true value, preferably something tailored to the individual to show them that you care.

For instance, you can create a personalized co-branded MasterCard program as a perfect incentive for your employees so they can use their gift cards precisely where they want to. This is an excellent way to acknowledge the individual while giving them the freedom to choose how to spend their reward. The result will be a happier employee with no reason to leave your side.

Give them the opportunity to grow

Another crucial piece of the motivation puzzle is personal growth. The millennial employee needs to have long-term goals, dreams, and aspirations that extend far beyond a desk job and earning a salary every month – they need to grow in order to maintain motivation, positivity, and zeal.

To that end, it is imperative that you structure a comprehensive employee training and education program that will allow them to acquire new skills and theoretical knowledge that will propel their career forward. Needless to say, investing in your employees is the best way to invest in your company’s future as well. And don’t be afraid of losing them after they’ve broadened their horizons – your guidance, leadership, and company culture will be enough to inspire them to stay.

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Last but not least, employees do need constant guidance and feedback to feel motivated and empowered to do a better job and maintain top productivity on a daily basis. While you should give them room to thrive on their own, you also want to be a leader they can trust to nudge them in the right direction, and provide a solution to all of their troubles. Remember, even if you don’t have a solution for them right away, they will appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help them resolve a nagging issue.

Motivating a modern workforce is definitely not a walk in the park, especially in such an opportune job market. Make sure to implement these tips to keep your retention rates high, maintain positivity and productivity in the workplace, and pave the road to long-term success in the industry.


David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant, online marketing analyst and a writer. With six years of experience and a degree in business management, he continuously informs the public about the latest trends in the industry. He is a senior editor at BizzmarkBlog. You can reach him on Twitter or Facebook.

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