5 business benefits of social commerce

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By Henry Brown

Social commerce uses social media platforms to make a more customized and targeted in-app shopping experience for clients. It facilitates the functionality of eCommerce directly into social media platforms.

When clients are satisfied with your company, social media enables them to share and endorse your brand. Due to its nature, social media content can go viral. These channels play an essential role in marketing.

Examples of social media sites and social commerce platforms include Facebook business retail store pages that facilitate users’ shopping and browsing without leaving the platform, and also buy buttons on Pinterest and Twitter.

Here are some benefits of social commerce.

– Business metrics from social

Regardless of your marketing strategy, you should evaluate your efforts and determine if the results provide a positive ROI. Commencing an unmeasurable campaign is a waste of time and effort. You should align your intended goals with your business’s key performance indicators.

It is easy to evaluate and measure performances using social media commerce. Instagram business accounts, Facebook pages, and tweets contain built-in metrics for engagements, impressions, and reach.

Additionally, most social media posts permit traffic measurement to your website through website click counts. Social commerce also provides an avenue for measuring IT debt.

– Steady audience growth

Every day, many people join social media sites across the world. There are already millions of users. Based on research, Facebook has more than a billion active users monthly, and several users join the platform every hour.

Every small business owner should focus on reaching and selling to your target customer audience. A business that adapts to social commerce continuously grows and is always accessible.

– Higher search engine ranking

Social media engagements lead to direct transactions and other benefits. Social media commerce enhances traffic to your business’ website, positively influencing your search engine results rankings.

You can drive traffic from users of social media by sharing links to your website’s content. This enables your audience to engage with a like, comment, or share to reach a massive audience.

– More traffic and authentic engagement 

You can increase your conversion rate by actively working to develop your social media audience. One of the major benefits of social commerce is the reach and engagement that companies can acquire when they share content.

You can engage in a powerful branding prospect by frequently showing up in a follower’s updates feed. Individuals who have frequent contact with a business are more likely to endorse that business.

– Customer retention and loyalty 

The use of social commerce creates an opportunity to sell and promote your products or services and to establish a good relationship with your customers and the public. A business can create and maintain a good relationship based on loyalty and trust by taking advantage of social commerce.

Consequently, this builds customers who are satisfied and happy with your service; hence, they make repeat purchases eventually. It is also crucial to treat your first-time buyers like you would treat your repeat customers since they are equally important.


Appropriate use of social media can positively influence your business. You should adopt a solid strategy, take the risk, and invest your time, money, and effort. As seen above, social commerce has several benefits to a business.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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