5 effective ways to invest in your workforce

By Leila Dorari

Today, part of a company’s reputation is based on how they treat their employees. Even small businesses have to think about this early on to create a good reputation. Additionally, if you create a desirable environment, you’ll have people lined up to work for you.

Although not a new strategy, investing in employees has improved over the years. New technologies have made training and education easier and attainable, while also cheaper than before.

Financial incentives are still popular among the employees, but they’re more motivated if you’re directly involved in their improvement. This means that you recognize their talent and are supporting them to develop it further. The research shows that satisfied employees are likely to be more productive and loyal.

Being a small business is an ideal time to start with this practice. With these ways to invest in your employees you will, in fact, devote yourself to creating a healthy working environment for growing bigger.

Recognize their contribution

Every team of employees is successful due to the individual effort of its members. Recognizing the contributions will create a positive working environment and create further conditions for success.

It’s always a nice touch to personally address your employees and show how much their work matters to you. You can write them a personal note on a nice embellished paper telling them you’re aware of their diligence.

Holding regular meetings to go over goals and milestones is also empowering. It will include employees in the future plans of the company and help them better understand where it’s all heading. Besides the meeting, you can address the whole office from time to time and tell them of achievements so far. Being transparent about your plans and intentions with the company will boost morale and create loyal brand ambassadors.

Reward the dedication

Your employees spend time and energy to get the work done. Even though the personal input of each employee is not the same, you should still reward the dedication. You can do this by naming the employee during meetings and asking for their thoughts from time to time.

Another great reward is to give them a chance to shine. Namely, allow them to take more demanding tasks and prove themselves how much they’ve learned while with the company. As an employer, you can assess when an employee is ready for more challenging assignments.

Of course, a material reward is always an option. However, these don’t have the same impact as the encouragement and gratitude, although you shouldn’t exclude them.

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Team building is an unavoidable part of every successful business. It helps your employees to know each other and you better. Also, it’s fun and positive for the company culture. It will always be unique no matter how long it is present in the business world. This is due to the fact that there are more and more new team-building activities available.

Anything that will raise awareness of the cause and create positive social engagement is welcoming. It will create a mutual determination to help others and the society. Even playing board games in the recreation area, a karaoke night, or an afternoon at a spa can be beneficial. Whenever a group of people experience the common event, they create a special bond that only they share.

Welcome new ideas and creativity

Always ask your employees for new ideas and promote creativity. This will motivate them to think how they can help the business be more successful. Usually, businesses leave a suggestion box or online form for employees to fill. They also perform an occasional survey to see what is the overall impression of the company’s goals.

But asking your employees to personally come to you with ideas is another story. You can always leave an open invitation for individuals or teams to present their possible solutions for issues or start a new project. If you have to decline, do it in a manner that won’t prevent them from being creative in the future.

Offer educational and training programs

Some professions require additional education. If you recognize this you can help your employee to attend the educational and training program. This will be not only beneficial for the person, but also the whole company. They will use that newly gained knowledge to make your business stronger and more successful.

Also, offer other more general incentives like English school and fast typing course. You should allow your employees to choose among the offered educational and training programs. That way they won’t think they’re incompetent, but that you see them as having potential.

Final word

People choose their jobs because they like the profession and/or out of necessity to support their families. Valuing your employees on the human, the more personal level will turn that necessity into a desire to be the part of the collective and thus boost productivity. Appreciate their efforts and invest in the incentives – moral and practical. A business is successful thanks to the individual participation of its employees.

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Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She is passionate about small business improvements and innovative marketing tips and tricks. In her free time you can find her hiking with her furry four-legged friend.

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