5 essential features for fire safety in your retail store

By Lizzie Weakley

Whether you own a large retail store or a small one, fire safety should always be a priority. In addition to the many steps you can take to prevent fires, such as having proper electrical wiring and smoke detectors, you should also make sure that your store has the right equipment in case of an emergency. Here are five essential features every retail store should have to protect both customers and employees in the event of a fire.

Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher, like those from Fire Tech Extinguisher Service, is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for any business. It’s critical to have at least one extinguisher on each floor of your retail store, and they should be readily accessible. Make sure that all staff members know where each fire extinguisher is located and how to use it properly. Also, remember to check them regularly and replace them when needed.

Emergency exits

An emergency exit plan is essential for any business—including a retail store. Make sure that there are clearly marked exits throughout the store so customers and employees can get out quickly in the event of an emergency. All exits should be easy to open from the inside without using a key, but securely locked from the outside when not in use. Additionally, signs pointing towards each exit should be installed near all points of entry into your store (e.g., doors).

Fire sprinkler system

A fire sprinkler system is another crucial feature for any retail store; it will help contain fires before they spread too far or cause too much damage. Most modern sprinkler systems are automated and will activate as soon as smoke or heat sensors detect high levels of smoke or heat within a specific area in your store. It’s important to periodically inspect all sprinklers throughout your facility so they are always ready to go when needed.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms alert people when there is smoke present in an area, which gives them time to evacuate safely before a fire spreads further throughout the building. Make sure that all areas within your store have working smoke alarms—including bathrooms—and also check them frequently for any signs of malfunctioning or tampering with wires or batteries. Additionally, if you have a kitchen space for employees, ensure that it has its own set of smoke alarms specifically designed for cooking areas.

Fire blankets 

Fire blankets are thick fabric sheets used to smother small fires by cutting off their oxygen supply. They can be used on fires involving combustible liquids or solids, such as paper items or furniture. Keep at least one blanket near every major source of potential ignition in your store, such as candles, lights, computers, etc. Be sure everyone who works at your store knows where these blankets are located and how they work – they could save lives!

Safety is paramount when running any kind of business. By taking steps like installing fire extinguishers, emergency exits, sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and fire blankets throughout your store, you can make sure that everyone inside remains safe during an emergency. With these five essential safety features in place, you can rest assured knowing that both customers and employees will be protected if something ever goes wrong.
Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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