5 free tools to save your small business money

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By Henry Brown

Business owners need to rework their budgets consistently to boost financial health and drive profits. To save a bit of money it’s well worth taking advantage of all the free tools out there. Whether it’s project management or CRM, here are a few of the top picks.

– HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the best customer relationship management tools on the market, and the basic version is absolutely free. Using Hubspot you can create detailed company profiles and organize your customer accounts and communication. With Hubspot CRM you can coordinate your customer profiles, gather data to inform your sales strategies, and track the performance of your staff. Further features of Hubspot CRM include marketing synchronization, email integration, customize views, social media info, website integration, tracking, scheduling, and more.


Bitrix24 is a project management tool including tools for communication, collaboration, and management. Using the tool you can keep your files, tasks, messages, and projects all in one place. With the help of the Activity Stream, it’s simple to monitor tasks and the progress of your projects. A few of the key components of Bitrix24 include sales management and social network data. Other handy features of Bitrix24 include task reporting, time management, daily planner, workflow, instant messages, bulk email, and sales funnel.


SocialPilot is a platform for marketing and scheduling; it was created to help users improve their marketing campaigns. Using SocialPilot you can share 500 posts, and link these to 200 profiles, all using one account. From tweets to posts and updates, you’ll get your social media strategy sussed with SocialPilot. The platform doesn’t put character limits in place, meaning it’s easier to create detailed posts, without restrictions. There are plenty of other features to take advantage of including custom branding, bulk scheduling, social media analytics, and client management. Users of Social Pilot can also access custom feeds and content suggestions; advanced post scheduler; analytics and more.


Hotjar is a free conversion rate optimization tool, to help people gain a better understanding of their web users. With HotJar, you get total visibility, learning how to improve user experience, and boost conversions. HotJar allows you to figure out how people are using your website; and make changes based on these insights. With the range of HotJar features, you can get to grips with user behavior, and gain detailed analysis. The analysis tools were created to measure and observe your user behavior, these tools include visitor recording, form analytics, conversion funnels, and heatmaps.

Answer The Public 

Answer The Public is a tool for keyword research, using the platform you can find out which keywords and questions web users are searching for. Using data from Answer The Public you can improve your content and create the blog posts that drive traffic. It can sometimes be tricky to think up new content, but with this tool, you’ll be sure to create the content that your audience is looking for.

Further ideas

When you’re looking to save your business money you’ve got to consider money saving ideas across every aspect of your company. For a few areas to focus on, consider the following:

– Renovations: When it comes to renovating your business building there are many money saving practices. For example, use time saving practices such as Lumber Takeoffs, or take advantage of sustainable building features.

– Remote working: Save on utilities and rent by allowing employees to work from home.

– Budgeting software: Improve your budgeting, with budgeting and forecasting software such as Scoro.

– Second-hand: Take advantage of second hand offices supplies and decor, to make even more savings.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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