5 helpful resources for your small business

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By Sierra Powell

If you are a small business owner, you know how many tasks you have to juggle and how much there is on your plate to be successful. It can be hectic to be the owner of a startup or small business, and you can wear yourself thin if you try to do everything yourself. It is important to have a strong team in place, but you also have resources available to you to help you in marketing and even in your day-to-day tasks, for example. You can learn more about five of the best resources for small businesses in the list that is below.

– SEG signage

If you are a small business with a storefront, you’ll want your storefront to look as nice as possible and for those passing by to be instantly intrigued. This is where SEG signage can help. SEG, or Silicone Edge Graphics signage, is a common high-end choice for storefront signage due to its classic and sleek look. SEG graphics can help your business look more appealing and more professional. While your business most likely already has a product it’s proud of, you want to be sure you have a way to show the product off properly.

– MailChimp

It is also important to remember all of the benefits that can come from having a digital marketing presence. Email networking is the way to reach your customers through a digital marketing plan as they can easily sign up for your newsletter on social media or on your website. MailChimp helps you in making a mailing list full of your subscribers easily, sending out the information that each specific customer needs to see. The great thing if you are just starting out is that this resource is completely free to you if you have less than 2,000 subscribers.

– Trello

If you have a variety of projects that you have to complete at your small business, you can benefit greatly from project management software. You can ensure that the workflow at your business is always going smoothly through this software, and you can manage a calendar through it. You do not even have to use it for your entire team either, as it can even just help you stay on track of what you have to do as the business owner. This software is also free to use if you only need the most basic platform.

– Coursera

There is no way that every single business owner knows everything that there is to know about running a business, no matter what degree you have. If you want to get more specialized information on a specific business sector or skill, sign up for Coursera. This resource lets you take classes from some of the best universities in the world, ranging from computer coding to even bookkeeping and more. You can even train your employees through this software so that they are always aware of the latest trends in the industry at any moment.

– Small Business Administration

The final resource for small businesses is Small Business Administratin in and of itself. You can receive some powerful advice for your company when you reach out to the organization, and there are plenty of resources available to you on the website. These resources include tutorials about creating a business plan, completing a marketing plan, or even completing your accounting information for taxes. You can even gain the funding that you need to get started if you are new to the business industry as it can help you to secure loans.

If you are a small business owner, you deserve to face success without having to wear yourself to almost rock bottom. Rely on the resources that you have available to you to help you market your business, keep yourself on task, or even secure funding and learn new information. There are many other resources too besides just the five that are listed above including those like Startup Grind, a networking source for other small business owners. Any of these resources will ensure that you are more productive and that your business runs in a more efficient manner.


Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.

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