5 issues that require you to upgrade your hosting plan

By Albert Cooper

A website’s hosting plan directly impacts its success. As a small business owner who wants to grow your online presence, you need to run your site on a quality hosting plan. The most profitable sites function on reliable hosting providers that offer features like high uptime. The features supplied allow business owners to increase their sales quickly. However, many business owners do not even know that they need new hosting plans or providers. If you are not aware of how effective your hosting plan is, you need to find out to boost your conversions. Discover the top issues that require you to upgrade your hosting plan in this post.

Lack of security

First, business owners that fear that their websites lack security need to upgrade their hosting plans. Typically, business owners who use shared hosting services feel this uneasiness. After all, shared hosting plans entail sharing viruses and malware with other sites on the same provider. Companies that receive sensitive customer information through their websites need top-notch protection from their hosting providers. If you cannot rely on your current hosting provider to keep such information safe from hackers, you need to upgrade your hosting plan. Newscitech.com may help you regarding these ideas.

Slow site speed

Business owners with sites that have slow loading speeds also need to upgrade their hosting plans. When consumers visit slow websites, they grow frustrated. More often than not, consumers leave slow sites almost immediately. They move onto other websites with faster loading speeds and similar content. Your goal is to manage a website that consumers go to when other sites are loading slowly. You cannot achieve this goal and solve your issue without upgrading your hosting plan. Beat out your competition by investing in a better hosting plan.

Sudden traffic spike

Additionally, a surprising issue that many growing businesses deal with is a sudden traffic spike. This problem is surprising because most business owners assume that driving more traffic will benefit their company. Unfortunately, this is not the case for websites that need to upgrade their hosting plans. If attracting more visitors to your site caused your site’s performance to weaken, you need to upgrade your plan. As recommend by Dreamhost.com, you can test the number of concurrent visitors that your website can handle. Some hosting packages can only handle an average amount of traffic. When a sudden rise in traffic occurs, these hosting packages cannot keep up. In turn, the websites load slower and malfunction. Upgrade your hosting plan so that you can prevent this from happening.

Increased downtime

If your website is experiencing a lot of downtime, it is time to get a new hosting plan. Similar to slow loading times, consumers avoid sites that are down often. Your target audience expects to see a well-designed, fast site when they click on your website link. When they find a screen that displays “we’ll be back soon” or “sorry for the inconvenience” instead, they quickly navigate to other websites. Business owners who are losing website traffic due to an increase in downtime can solve the issue by upgrading their hosting plans.

Poor customer support

Finally, business owners solve their website problems with poor customer support by upgrading their plans. As a business owner, you might not know much about managing a website. Therefore, you might have a few questions about it especially when problems arise. If something goes wrong on the back-end of your site, you should be able to call your hosting provider and receive immediate assistance. When companies do not get the help that they need quickly, they lose potential customers. You need to upgrade your hosting plan if your provider does not respond efficiently and your sales are decreasing because of it.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize that their websites are not functioning as well as they could be. To ensure that your business lives up to its full online potential, you need to recognize the signs that you need a new hosting provider. For instance, if you receive customers’ sensitive data but do not have top-notch security, you need a new plan. The same goes for companies that manage sites with slow loading speeds. If performance issues arise after you receive sudden spikes in traffic, you have outgrown your plan. Websites that experience excessive amounts of downtime need to change plans as well. Lastly, you need to find a new plan if your current provider offers poor customer support. Business owners experiencing any of these issues need to upgrade their hosting plans.


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