5 must-haves for your home office

By Dixie Somer

Working from home is more common than ever before, which means home offices are more common, as well. A good home office is organized and enhances your productivity, allowing you to direct all your focus to your job. If you are setting up your own home office, here are five essentials to complement your professional from home life.

An ergonomic chair

If your job requires you to sit for hours on end, a high-quality office chair is a must. One advantage of working from home is that you can choose your own chair. Make the choice count by choosing one with a sturdy frame and ergonomic design, emphasizing back, neck, and arm support.

A power strip tower

With all the gadgets involved in facilitating your productivity, you will probably need a power strip tower. This product has multiple outlets where you can safely and conveniently charge your gadgets. With all the outlets you need located in one place, it will keep your wires organized and prevent unnecessary desktop clutter

Chair mat

Chair mats protect your flooring from the constant friction of a moving office chair, regardless of whether you have carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring. It also protects the wheels of your office chair and maximizes its functionality. Because the wheels have an easier time moving across a chair mat than regular flooring, a chair mat will protect your back from strain and fatigue, as well.

Noise-canceling bluetooth headphones with microphone

The noise-canceling function is a must to keep distractions at bay. Meanwhile, a microphone allows you to talk to colleagues and clients on the phone or through video calls. Read online reviews and invest in a pair that has good sound quality and a decent microphone.

A mug warmer

The office coffee pot is a ubiquitous and important part of working life. Thanks to modern technology, you can recreate the office coffee pot at home and have hot coffee all the time. A smart mug or a mug warmer can be programmed to keep your coffee at the ideal temperature. That way, you can sip all day long without encountering a single mouthful of bitter, room-temperature coffee.

Because your office is in your own home, you have greater control over furnishings and decorations. Keep these suggestions in mind when designing your space to optimize productivity, increase satisfaction, and improve your work-life balance.


Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Reach out to her at dixiesomers@gmail.com or at @DixieSomers.

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