5 reasons why you should launch a mobile app for your business

By Ivan Serrano

The proliferation of the mobile phone has drastically changed how business is conducted. More customers than ever are taking to their phones to interact with businesses and buy items. Apps are far more convenient than typing in a website address, even if it is mobile friendly site. This means apps are easier and faster for customers to use. Companies large and small should take note of how successful apps can be and consider creating their own app. Here are a few reasons why launching an app may be benefit your company.

Constant visibility

A study shows that an average American spends more than two hours a day on their smartphone. How each person spends that two plus hours is different depending on the person, but 86% of the time is spent on apps. This 86% is the broken down among games, social media, productivity, entertainment, and other services. Only 14% of the time Americans spend on their phones is spent using browsers like Chrome or Safari. This is evidence that apps are far more popular than browsers even though both programs can accomplish very similar tasks.

Apps are the preferred way of getting things done on mobile, which means customers will have a full roster of apps downloaded on their phone at all times. Everytime a user unlocks their phone and scroll to the app they are looking for they go past potentially dozens of apps. While the user does not open any app other than the one they are looking for, their brain still notices all the other apps. Even when our brain is not directly aware of what we are looking at it still stores the information subconsciously. This means that even if your company’s app is installed on a customer’s phone, but the app is unopened the customer is still seeing your app every time they scroll through their phone. By having your app “in the way” users are subconsciously recording your company’s app icon. This is a form of brand visibility and brand recognition, and both benefit your company.

Brand recognition

Simply having an app increases brand recognition among customers. A mobile app is basically a blank billboard, it is there for your company to fill with content to attract and keep customers. Not only does a well designed app icon help keep your brand in the minds of your users, but it attracts users to open the app. Once a user opens your app it only reinforces your brand. The services your app offers reflect on your company’s brand. The better and more equipped your app is the better it will reflect on your brand. By providing users with a good app that offers the services they desire you are creating a positive reputation for your brand.

Better customer engagement

No matter what your business is, customers need a way to contact your company. Whether it be for questions, returns, complaints, praise, or anything else, customers should have an avenue to talk with a business. Having an app with a messaging system allows your customers to have a dialogue directly with your company. It is not uncommon for people to prefer to communicate through text based mediums rather than over the phone, so having a messaging system within your app is a good idea.

Ahead of the competition

Technology can take a while to catch on en mass. Not many small businesses have their own app, so by creating one, you will be getting a head start on your competition. By recognizing the power having an app can have you will be ahead of your competition who are behind the times. Impress your customers with how technologically advanced your business is by providing an app. Show customers the power of innovation and forward thinking by blowing their socks off with your app.

Customer loyalty

Many companies offer some sort of loyalty rewards, whether it be points to be redeemed later, or a discount after a certain number of purchases. Up until recently it was common for companies to use plastic membership or reward cards, but these cards are westefull and easily lost. By including a loyalty program in your app it saves the hassle of making plastic loyalty cards and keeps customers from losing their cards. Having your company loyalty built into your app also means that when your customers shop through your app the rewards can be instantly added.

The future of mobile technology is intertwined with the future of apps. Apps are the main way users get things done on mobile devices and are the way of the future for businesses on mobile. Apps are powerful tools businesses use to further their enterprise and customers truly benefit from them. The constant exposure of having an app on a customer’s phone, even if it goes unopened, is good for business and brand recognition. Online shopping and rewards are all contained in a single app for a company making the process as easy as possible on mobile. Apps can be a huge benefit for a business and its customers, so consider investigating if an app could help your company grow.


Ivan Serrano is a writer specializing in technology. He is from San Jose, California, and attended high school at Valley Christian High School (go Warriors!). He moved to San Francisco State University (go Gators!), and graduated with a double major in English (concentration in Creative Writing) and Journalism (with a concentration in photojournalism).


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