5 roles of advertising in building your brand

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By Henry Brown

With the ever-increasing competitiveness in the marketplace, the best tool for consumer discrimination seems to be brand image development. When it comes to developing your brand image, whether in retail, product, or corporate levels, advertising calls all the shots.

Besides informing consumers of the brand’s functional capabilities, it also gives the brand meanings and values that consumers will deem relevant.

One way to advertise your brand is by creating content for your site. In this case, sites like FATJOE will come in handy. Here are some of the crucial roles that advertising plays in ensuring your brand is right there at the top.

Creation of awareness

There is no value in creating a product that nobody knows about because there will be no sales. To make any sales from your product, your target audience has to have knowledge of it. Afterward, they can make informed decisions on whether to purchase or not.

When it comes to making your market know about a new or existing product, advertising will come in handy. To do this, there is a need to mention the brand name and price and also the brand’s unique features.


For potential buyers to make any purchases, they need to have enough information about the product. Where do you get the product? In which quantities is the product available? What are its components? How do you use it? These and many other questions are the basis on which purchasing decisions are made.

Provision of information is particularly important when the product is new in the market, or there have been modifications. Depending on your product information, your sales could either escalate or flop.


When different organizations offer the same products, the competition could be pretty stiff. For this reason, if you are a business owner, relying on luck could be a very terrible idea. It is time to develop clever ways to convince your customers that what you are offering is the best there is.

This is the point where advertising comes in. By coming up with advertising messages and offering free gifts, you can drive more people to your business.

Restoring the brand image

The purpose of promotion is to build a certain attitude in your target audience. Every business owner wants potential customers to have a favorable attitude towards their brands, and advertising does just this and much more.

A positive attitude equals more sales and vice versa. Promotional techniques like advertising could help people who saw a brand in negative light start seeing it positively.


The human memory forgets, and that is no wonder. It is common to forget about a product if you do not hear about it for a long time. You may even end up assuming it isn’t produced anymore, which may not be the case.

The thing is, people need to be reminded often about products lest they forget about them. Advertising comes in handy in situations like this. Unlike some other forms of promotion, it isn’t a one-time thing. The best part? It is a dynamic process, and you never know what will hit you next.

In conclusion, there are many ways to build your brand, and advertising could do more for your business than you could ever imagine. With proper planning, it is just a matter of time before your brand goes viral.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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