5 ways growth hacking can skyrocket sales

Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your website’s Thank You page?

By Raul Harman

Growth hacking has been around since 2010, and it seems that it has finally made its way into the mainstream of marketing, although some marketers aren’t still sure what this concept is actually about. Instead of using traditional marketing methods, such as paying for ads on social media, TV, or newspapers, growth hacking is all about persistently testing all kinds of marketing techniques in search of the ones that will develop and grow a business.

Although this buzzword sounds too fancy, it still uses some traditional marketing tactics that all of us are familiar with. Here’s a list of five ways in which this approach can skyrocket your sales.

Optimize your landing pages

This one is easy, right? Not exactly. Many companies have a hard time optimizing their landing pages, and a poorly structured and executed landing page results in high bounce rates. Cluttered landing pages, cramped with various product and service offers are confusing, and this lack of focus practically kills your conversion rates. So, it’s essential that you have a different landing page for every single offer. A recent report has revealed that companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with five or less.

Customers don’t like complicated, time-consuming procedures, so help them convert by implementing auto-select form fields so that visitors don’t have to click on the field before they start typing. Countdown timers are an excellent tool, because they create a sense of urgency, thus prompting customers to convert immediately in order not to miss out on a special offer. A retargeting pixel would be a clever addition to your landing page, as it will identify visitors who don’t convert and display them targeted ads while they’re browsing the Internet.

Organize giveaway contests

Who doesn’t like freebies? Giveaway contests are a perfect opportunity to grab your prospects’ attention and create a buzz around your products or services. Of course, to avoid pouring your money down the drain, it’s essential to create a strategy for capitalizing on these giveaways. After every contest, make sure to thoroughly nurture your contest participants and turn them into leads.

Another effective tactic is targeting early adopters and influencers, who could review your product, and become brand ambassadors. Many businesses make a mistake by avoiding this effective growth hacking technique on account of its costs, but if you use a reliable budget planning calculator, such as the one you can find on the Australian Lending Centre website, you can organize your finances and find a way to invest into this highly productive tactic.

Switch to marketing automation

Once you grow your audience, it becomes quite challenging to maintain a successful relationship with all of them. It’s virtually impossible to send emails to each and every prospect, run numerous campaigns, and maintain social media channels. That’s why marketing automation is an essential growth hacking tool.

Still, apart from the fact that it is indispensable for successful email marketing efforts, you can greatly benefit from marketing automation as it can help you with numerous other processes, including lead nurturing, identifying warm leads, or marketing and sales alignment. For example, almost 50% of qualified leads aren’t yet ready to buy, and this point emphasizes why it’s important to nurture your prospects. Marketing automation is a both efficient and effective method of improving your business and boosting your ROI.

Optimize your thank-you page

Many businesses waste countless conversion opportunities by building a poor Thank You page. Their creativity doesn’t go beyond placing a big “Thank you” sign, followed by a couple of generic, bland sentences. After your customer has made a purchase, it’s the right moment to start building a lasting relationship, and your Thank You page is a perfect place for the launch of your nurturing efforts.

Employ cross-selling and upselling methods, by recommending your customers a complimentary product or by offering them time-limited discount coupons that might land you another conversion in no time. Many companies put social proof on their home pages, but if you include it on your Thank You page, you’ll successfully help your customers overcome buyer’s remorse.

Conduct surveys

For every customer that complains there are 26 more who don’t and who simply churn without giving you any explanation. To prevent your customers from leaving, it’s of vital importance to conduct surveys and polls. That way you’ll gain valuable insight into what they think about your brand, learn about possible glitches and issues, and finally, show them that you respect their opinion.

If visitors leave your website without converting, ask them to assess their customer experience with your brand, and try to find out what the reason for not converting is. Surveys aren’t effective only if there was no conversion. Post-purchase surveys can help you learn whether they’re satisfied with your checkout form. This information is very important because complicated checkout forms are among the top culprits behind high cart abandonment rates.

These growth hacking tips aren’t too complicated and they should be regular tools in your marketing arsenal.


Raul Harman’s is an IT consultant and a writer who has a lot of experience about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. IoT and the world of mobile devices have been his focus in the previous years. Raul is a passionate runner and adventure seeker. Every spare moment he loves to spend in nature. He is a regular contributor on Technivorz blog.

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