5 ways project planning software will improve efficiency in your small business

project-363264_640By Katie Johnson

Efficiency is the heart and soul of every business. Regardless of size, industry, and resources, a business can only truly succeed when it’s able to fine tune its processes and reduce its overhead. But true efficiency isn’t possible without a centralized, collaborative system of control. Here’s why efficiency is ultimately impossible without some of the most critical features of project planning software.

Provides Centralized Communications

From document control to planning and editing, a project planning solution gives employees a centralized and consistent location through which to collaborate. Employees don’t need to sort through multiple files to find the version they need, or run the risk of potentially editing a file that another employee is working on. Centralized systems solve the problem of potentially missing an important call, text, or email because an employee failed to check that method of communication.

Enables Employees to Work from Anywhere

Modern offices need to be flexible. Employees may have to work on-site with clients, at other offices, or even from their own homes. Project planning software connects employees in a way that they can collaborate from anywhere, thereby freeing them up to concentrate on their work. Without project planning software, employees who aren’t in the office may become disruptive to work flow, and employees who are in the office may easily become frustrated.

Gives Management Valuable Analysis Tools

Through a project planning system, administrative staff will be able to review each employee’s work and the status of each individual project. This allows management to remain up to date without having to interrupt their staff members. Through analysis tools, management will also be able to identify projects that are at risk and will be able to more easily spot staffing issues. Each employee’s individual productivity and efficiency will be tracked, allowing management to drill down to the members of their team that may not be giving the project their full attention.

Streamlines Administrative Tasks

From invoicing customers to creating time sheets for payroll, a good project management suite is also able to automate many processes for the administrative team. This frees up the administrative team to focus on more important tasks, such as efficiency initiatives. By automating these processes, companies can also ensure that they are done accurately the first time.

Helps Companies Plan Ahead

In addition to being able to analyze past performance, effective project management software empowers a company with the information it needs to plan for the future. Through planning software, administrators will be able to determine their current usage of resources and appropriately deploy these resources as needed. They will be able to more accurately estimate how long tasks will take and will be able to drill down to potential roadblocks in coming projects. By being able to anticipate problems before they occur, companies can greatly reduce the amount of time a project takes to complete.

Project planning software is able to improve upon every level of a project’s operations. From the initial planning stages to the final deadlines, project management software makes it easier for employees to connect and collaborate. Managers are able to remain current on their project’s status and are able to improve upon both their existing and future resource management. All of this together creates superior efficiency that could not be achieved without the use of modern technology.


Katie Johnson is a full-time writer.

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