6 resources and ideas to support workplace wellbeing

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By Henry Brown

Creating a quality workplace wellbeing program has many benefits for the modern employer. Besides being the ethical thing to do, healthy and happy employees are more productive, contributing to improved ROI and a strong company culture. To help you to support workplace wellbeing, take a look at these resources and ideas.

Resources to support workplace wellbeing

Life DoJo

LifeDoJo is an online wellness program, aimed at small businesses. The program provides 1:1 coaching, wellness content, and tools to build healthy habits. LifeDoJo was designed to help employers to engage their staff and reach their health goals. To get healthier and happier employees while minimizing health care costs, LifeDoJo is the application that you need. The wellness program includes a healthy eating module, designed by Harvard experts. There’s also a fantastic exercise module, helping staff to build fitness habits that last.


Ergonomics is the perfect application to support health at wellness at work. The app offers guidance so that employees can set up their desks ergonomically, and avoid injuries. Ergonomics also provides a stretching program, which supports staff to take enough stretching breaks throughout the day. The concept is that certain stretches can reduce muscle pain from sitting; raise endorphin levels;  boost productivity; and contribute to a healthier working day.


Wellable is a digital wellness tool, designed for small to mid-sized companies. The platform was created to provide a wide range of wellbeing modules and activities. Here you can access wellness quizzes, games, and challenges. Wellable offers plenty of useful health content, including health articles and holistic webinars. Employees can choose to focus on any aspect of their wellbeing, including emotional, social, physical health, or financial health.

Ideas to support workplace wellbeing 

Create the right environment

Several studies have focused on the correlation between working environment and wellness. One recent article in Forbes magazine discusses the ‘WELL Building standard’, asserting that ‘WELL is the premier standard for buildings interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness’.

The WELL Building Standard is determined by seven concepts of ‘building performance’. These areas include fitness, light, nourishment, water, air, comfort, and mind. By seeking to create a healthy, highly functional, and attractive workplace, employers can enhance wellbeing.

-Company culture 

Businesses with a strong company culture tend to have happier and healthier employees. When your company culture is strong, you’ll also reduce staff turnover and increase staff engagement. There are many ways that you can seek to improve your company culture, for instance, you might try offering employee benefits such as wellness and health care plans, or flexible shift patterns. It’s also important to ensure that your staff feel heard and valued. Create autonomous teams to eliminate strict management vs staff hierarchies. Build values together to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Regularly update health & safety 

Lastly, make sure that you regularly update your health and safety procedures. There are so many varied aspects to workplace health and safety whether it’s testing your machinery and appliances; conducting risk assessments; or ensuring disposable protective clothing. You’ll also want to pay close attention to environmental monitoring, noise levels, or ergonomic workstations.
Ultimately, when you take care of your employees, you’ll create a happy, ethical and profitable business.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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