6 side hustles that can also benefit your small business

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By Rayanne Morriss

“Side hustle” is the name given to small jobs or creative ventures that help you earn an extra bit of cash in addition to your main stream of income. While many small business owners confine their earning ability to their day job, there are countless ways to earn more money. For example, check this to see how your personal tech can be a new source of extra income.

If your business is searching for additional side hustles to pull in more money, consider the following entrepreneurial ideas:

Offer consulting services

Many entrepreneurs think of ways to make more money with their current business but never give a second thought to profiting from the skills and experiences they used to open their business in the first place. Consider offering consulting services to other interested entrepreneurs and business owners. As an entrepreneur in your industry, you’ve undoubtedly learned a specific skill set that others will pay to learn. Not sure where to find clients? Reach out to business owners in your area through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. This way, you’ll find entrepreneurs that are in need of the right guidance to get them to the next step in their career.

Sell a branded product

Branded products are another way to start earning more with your business. Consider a product that your target audience will benefit from. This type of product should complement your current business ideas and be useful to your clients. Consider the many bars and venues that sell mugs and shot glasses with their branding on them. These types of products give their customers a keepsake of their business, as well as kitchenware they can use at home. Not sure what type of products to sell? Consider selling basic merchandise with your branding on it. Items like shirts and tote bags are always a popular choice for loyal clients that love supporting their favorite brands.

Promote local businesses

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, another effective side hustle is promotion. Offer your wall space to local entrepreneurs and businesses for marketing purposes. Whether you put up flyers, business cards, or other advertisements, posting promotional material in a high-traffic area is guaranteed to increase brand awareness for businesses that work with you.

Get a photo booth

Businesses like hotels, bars, clubs, and venue owners can make some serious money with a photo booth. Getting into the portable photo booth business gives brands the opportunity to make money with this piece of equipment. It also gives your patrons a bonus activity that they can participate in when visiting your establishment and then post their fun photo on social media. In addition to the money you’re making with every customer that comes through the door, you’ll earn some extra change from each person that chooses to use the photo booth. Research online or in your area for a photo booth manufacturer to get started on this side hustle.

Sell art

Another way high-traffic businesses can make more money is to add art to their walls. Consider working with local artists to promote and sell their work. Whether you offer your wall space at a discounted price to local creatives or you make a cut of the sale, selling art is a great way to inspire other entrepreneurs in the area while you add an additional stream of income for your business. If you have a significant amount of wall space in your building, you may even consider operating a small art gallery. If your patrons are huge art fans, this business idea can prove to be highly lucrative.

Open an online store

Businesses that only have a physical presence are missing out on the amount of money they could be making through eCommerce. If you don’t already have an online store, it’s time to start brainstorming on how to take your current business online. Many businesses like cafes and restaurants find ways to offer their products online to customers. For example, a coffee shop whose clientele includes food, coffee, and tea lovers should offer their most popular teas and coffee online. This way, whey can continue earning money from their clients even when they’re not physically coming into the store. In addition to selling your own products online, consider selling everyday products that people need. For example, many salons offer general hair care products on their website, in addition to their branded products.

Side hustles give your clients and customers another way to support your brand and an effective way to bring your business more money. Keep this information in mind as you search for new ways to maximize your earnings and meet your customers’ needs.


Rayanne Morriss is currently working towards her BA from Oregon State University. She loves to write, read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills with her husband.

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