6 things to know about franchises before starting up independently

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By Megan Belnap

When starting a business, there are many things to consider. A major problem most entrepreneurs face is the dilemma of whether to start from scratch independently or invest in a franchise. Franchises are growing popular among business enthusiasts because of the advantages it comes with. However, before finally deciding on joining the franchise world, there are a few things you should consider. Here are six things to know about franchises before starting up independently.

High initial costs

One of the major drawbacks of starting a franchise is the initial cost. Franchises require a substantial investment that includes franchise fees, entry costs, training costs, and ongoing royalty payments. These costs will reduce your potential profit margins. Before investing in this type of business, it is important to do some proper research to ensure you have the necessary cash flow.

Support and structure

One of the major things that make franchises unique is their support and structure. They offer support in terms of branding, marketing, and other elements that help entrepreneurs succeed. Franchises offer a tried and tested business model that you can adopt with ease. Looking at places like Franchise Top 40 can help narrow down your choices, providing some general details about what franchising through various companies would look like. Ensure to choose the right franchise that offers the support you need.

Local regulations

Local regulations vary in different areas. Before investing in a franchise, it is important to check if the franchise business is allowed in your locality. Different regions have different laws concerning franchise agreements and terminating agreements. Ensure to check these before agreeing to invest.

Build a good relationship

Building a good relationship with the parent company is important if you are planning to invest in their franchise. Before signing the franchise agreement, ensure to speak with the parent company and have a clear understanding of the franchising philosophy. This will eliminate problems that may arise in the future.

Location and competition

The success of a franchise business is greatly determined by the location and competition. Before choosing a location, it is important to research the competition in the area. Ensure the location you choose is viable and the business fits the population and demand. Choosing the wrong location can lead to business failure and loss of investments.


Franchises offer support and structure, but they are not free of strict rules. While investing in a franchise, you have to adhere to the laid down procedures, strategies, and guidelines that the parent company has set out. Ensure that you choose a franchise whose rules and regulations you can work with. Investing in a franchise that limits your flexibility could be detrimental to your success.

In conclusion, franchises are great for entrepreneurs who want to start a business without the risk of starting from scratch. Franchise offers support, structure, and a tried and tested business model, but before investing in it, it is important to know what you are getting into. Ensure that you do your research, have enough capital, check local regulations, choose the right location, build a good relationship with the parent company, and ensure that the rules and regulations set out by the parent company are flexible enough for you to succeed.


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