6 ways to improve the appearance of your office

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By Henry Brown

How does your office appearance affect your business? First impressions matter, both for clients and for potential talents. When running an office, it’s important to look into the design. Interior design is very important for an office, it gives a sense of what the business is all about but it also helps with employee productivity. This also shines a light on company culture. If your office is cluttered then it signals to clients that your business is unorganized and lacks tidiness.  The exterior of the office and the location are also very important aspects as well to creating a good first impression to clients and talent. If you’re looking for methods to help bring satisfaction to your businesses’ environment then try out these methods.

Ergonomic furniture

Office furniture should be comfortable but also something that’s not out-dated. It’s important to have ergonomic furniture for work, but also furniture for employees to unwind. Lounging chairs should be something to invest in to help for casual meetings. This is also important because employees need a comfortable area for breaks.

Plenty of natural light

Try your best to have as much natural light as you can inside the office. Sunlight is an excellent way to improve everyone’s mood and increase productivity. If any trees are blocking the sun near the windows, look into getting them trimmed. Staff must benefit from what sunlight is getting in. This not only makes staff happy but makes the office look so much better.

Don’t forget the outside

The exterior is just as important as the interior, you need to keep in mind that one of the very first impressions of your business is how the outside looks. Landscaping is a fantastic way to make the appearance of your office look exceptional, also looking into local architects to redo your building Is another fantastic way to make an excellent first impression of the exterior.


Décor is a great way to give off a sense of company culture, brand aesthetics while giving the office a cozier feel. Décor can vary from rugs, small knick-knacks, what’s being hung on the wall, to even what is displayed on desks. These sorts of little things can make a huge impact and allow the office to appear more welcoming.

Clean spaces

While it’s understandable if employees’ desks can be a little unkempt, be sure to give small nudges to remind them that they should keep their desks tidy. Providing wipes and cloths for desks is a great way to keep a clean workspace. Be sure to move boxes immediately into storage areas and replace or repair damaged areas (such as carpet or ceilings) immediately.

Indoor plants

While known for purifying the air, indoor plants are a great stress reliever too.  They also look fantastic in any indoor space. Some indoor plants that are easy to take care of would be Elephant Ear, Birds of Paradise, Monstera, Spider Plant, and the Peace Lily. These are all widely available, they look simply elegant, and easy to please.  You can check out your local plant shop or home hardware store to pick up some lovely plants and some complementing pots.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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