6 ways virtual receptionist services benefit you and your customers

By Samantha Cortez

Do you want to create a professional image of your business for your customers? However, it can be a possibility that you might not be looking for such solutions where you need to invest a lot of money and time.

Generally, the receptionists in your office are the face of your business. However, small businesses initially often can’t afford hire one or more than one receptionist to cater to the customers. Apart from that, even if medium to large businesses can afford to hire multiple employees, still the expense can really eat into profits.

One of the best ways to enhance your business is by implementing the use of a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist for small business will be available 24/7 to answer calls, receive messages, route calls to proper divisions, and handle urgent calls. In turn, this results in a significant boost in the level of customer service being provided.

There are so many start-ups and even corporate companies out there who are already taking advantage of hiring a virtual receptionist for their business.

Here you will get to know about six ways virtual receptionist services can benefit you and your customers.

No calls will go unanswered

It might sound shocking to you, but it is a true fact that unanswered calls or calls going into voicemail can cost a minimum of $50,000/ year. The amount can even increase depending on the industry.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, then your calls going to voicemail after business hours would not be such a big deal. However, if you are in sales, no matter whether it is online or offline, losing a call means missing a business opportunity.

If you get a Live virtual receptionist, then all your calls will be answered professionally 24*7.

Quality customer service

Virtual receptionists are professional when it comes to answering calls. With your virtual business phone numbers available to them they are able to accept your calls from anywhere, allowing for easy and quality introductions to customers. Read here to find out more about virtual phone numbers if you don’t already have one. If trained properly, the virtual receptionists can actually do better than the way you speak to your customers. Yes, you read that right; they can be trained in such a way that they will answer the phone and talk to your customers in a professional yet polite tone.

This can be a real help when your onsite receptionist is not present at the office due to any reasons. When a customer gets quality customer service from your end, he will definitely recommend your service to someone else, resulting in more growth of your business.

Time management

A virtual receptionist can help you to utilize your time in more efficient ways. When you don’t have to sit on your desk or stick to your cellphone always, you can use that time for more productive work.

Moreover, you will get notifications about the calls that the virtual receptionist will take on your behalf. This way, you can decide which calls you to need to attend based on their priority and which calls you can forward to other departments within your company.

Bilingual receptionist solving problems of foreign customers

Fielding calls from foreign customers is easy if you hire a bilingual receptionist for your business. If you or your employees are not able to speak in a certain language, that doesn’t mean that you will lose a customer who speaks a different language.

A bilingual virtual receptionist can attend to your calls and translate the whole thing into your language. Your customer will be satisfied with this approach of yours, and it will benefit your business for sure.

Cost management

Getting a full-time receptionist or establishing a call center to serve your customer is an expensive task for both small and large companies. Apart from the salaries of the employees, you need to pay for the training sessions too.

However, getting one or more virtual receptionists can cost you very little. You don’t have to pay a monthly salary or even there’s no need to arrange training sessions for the virtual ones. You can save both your time and money when you hire a virtual receptionist. As mentioned earlier, when none of your calls is getting missed, the chances of losing a customer are very less.

Maintain professional image

When the customers’ calls are getting attended to within a moment and are getting solutions to their problem, they will definitely value your business. When your virtual receptionist answers the client’s call in a professional yet friendly tone, then the clients get impressed.

Any client would value quality and good customer service over anything. This would make a client be loyal to you and your service.


So, you can see what the major benefits of having a virtual receptionist for your business are. Besides all these, you can get many more advantages when you hire a company to give you a virtual receptionist to take care of every call even when your employees are away for sick leaves or vacations.

You can have peace of mind even if you are not present at your office, but your customers find solutions for their problems.


Samantha Cortez is managing editor for Scalefluence.com, an influencer marketing SaaS & marketplace. She has written for some of the largest publications in America, including Business Insider & 20/20 Magazine. Sam loves to travel, often working remotely from Europe.

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