7 free tools to save your small business money

By Leo Ambrose Goodwin

It’s a challenge for any small business owner to run their business successfully in this competitive market. You have to get a well-structured marketing strategy in place to stay away from the threats posed by the competitors.

You can spend a lot of money to promote your business and perform other necessary business activities. But what if you are spending on several business tools that are in fact available at free of cost in some other places?

Yes, you read that right. Several tools that your digital marketing partner is offering you as part of their package are available to access without paying a penny. Below we discuss seven free tools and ideas available to access even without paying a penny to contribute to your efforts to cut down the business expenses.

-Go for free online information

You need to start first with a mentality to learn new things from wherever it’s available. Advanced business ideas and marketing tools are getting introduced, and hence you are going to know about them only when you care to read.

Many free websites are providing you with latest updates that are effective in your efforts to progress.

-Business security tools

Data security is a major concern for any business these days. If customers don’t feel that their data is secure with you, they won’t do business with your company. Many providers will help you with free tools and business security awareness tips to help you protect your website from possible threats.

-Free business listings

Why should you pay for listing your business when some high-quality sources are available for free of cost? You can start with Google My Business (GMB), one of the best places to set up a business profile to connect with the customers. Many other sources are available to get listed for free; you should enter precise and relevant details of your business to improve the brand awareness among the users.

-Google Analytics

No one can doubt the use of Google Analytics to know and understand how your marketing efforts are turning out. You can understand all the website traffic details such as from where your site is getting more audiences, at what time, what platform they are using to access your website, etc. You can evaluate the data and plan accordingly to improve the chances of success in attracting visitors and turning them into customers.

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It’s always a daunting task to manage your taxable business income, and hence you need the services of a tax expert to sort it out every time. But believe me, some outstanding free small business calculators for taxes are available without any spending. You can give them a try and decide whether you need to pay your tax expert anymore or not.

-Free blogging platforms

The chances are that you may have heard “Content is king,” but you don’t know what it means to your business. Content marketing is an excellent tool for businesses to promote their brand and create awareness among the community. You can set up free blogs (WordPress is one such free source for you) and fill them with quality content to achieve something big paying nothing.

-Free email services

If you manage a small business and you are not in a level to spend and have a domain-based email, don’t worry; many email service providers are out there to help you get it done for free. Gmail is one best example of such a free email providing service.

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Leo Ambrose Goodwin is an entrepreneur and marketer. He is also the CEO of online media publishing company named Seo and Web Design.

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