7 must-haves for a startup business

By Sarah Miller

What does it take for a startup to succeed? Of course, you need capital and a great idea. But what about the day-to-day operations? It is common knowledge that startups frequently fail. A lack of proper tools speeds up the process. But we also know that startups can reach amazing heights with the right support.

Businesses survive and thrive in today’s environment by using solutions that help them reach success. For smaller businesses, the right tools can help small teams with limited resources to make that great idea turn into a successful reality. Luckily, plenty of resources are available that are designed to help entrepreneurs run their startups smoothly. Here are seven must-haves for a startup business.

Business model canvas

An entrepreneur has likely written a business plan before launch. They know where they want the startup to go and why they created it in the first place. A business model is a bit different. Instead of stating goals, business models explain the how. How will a business operate? How will products and services be delivered? A business model canvas is a one-page visual that helps startups segment the individual parts (partners, customer segments, value propositions) of a business so that a clear idea of a business can be observed.

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What does a business communicate to the rest of the world? That’s a question to consider when one is discussing the importance of branding. Building a memorable, distinct brand goes beyond having a logo drawn up. Branding is a powerful vehicle that sends a message about what a business is and what it stands for.

In such a competitive business environment, standing out from the crowd and becoming highly visible is necessary for survival. For fresh startups, branding tools are an effective way to a flush out a brand. Startups can employ the following to build a brand:

-Content research

-Branded websites

-Influencer platform

-Social media


-Video marketing

Invest in interior design

The look of a business has an impact on how it performs and how well teams perform in them. The right design complements the startup’s environment. Do teams need to work in groups? Design for an open office space to foster collaboration.

Good design tips for all startups include

-Multifunctional furniture

-Ergonomic seating

-Choosing the right color scheme

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Collaboration tools allow for the easy sharing of ideas and documents. More importantly, they help businesses to unite skills and people. For a startup just getting off the ground, teams are instrumental in building the company. There are dozens of collaboration software options that range in services and plans. Pick the software that is easy-to-use and affordable.

Project management software

Improved productivity is a goal everyone aspires to. Project management software helps startups boost productivity by organizing projects, tasks to be done and the users assigned to them.

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Cut IT and physical storage costs and physical hardware limitations by using cloud storage. Alternatively to local storage, data stored in the cloud is accessible from everywhere and secure. Research various cloud storage companies

Relaxation tools

We all know that essential oils can promote more positive environments in our home, so it is highly recommended for launching a startup business to use it to promote the less stressful environment. Additionally, self-care is huge right now. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to calm and rejuvenate the mind and body after a long day.

Finally, the tools mentioned above are the must haves for a startup business. Learning how to run a startup isn’t something you can just read out of a book and expect instant results. It takes time and experience. However, the proper tools can get your startup started the right way.


Sarah Miller loves to write about home improvements and startup businesses. She also enjoys reading; currently, her favorite book is The Prophets by Abraham J. Heschel.



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