7 sales promotion ideas to drive sales

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By Amy Sloane

Finding new ways to keep your products in front of customers can be challenging. Traditional marketing is expensive and time-consuming, often left for companies with a budget and time dedicated to it. However, small businesses can adopt new strategies to keep customers engaged and loyal.

Here are seven sales promotion ideas you can use to entice customers and drive more sales to your business.

-Limited-time sale

A limited-time sale is one of the best strategies to increase your sales, as it allows the customers to save a given percentage on the marked price if they purchase within a stipulated time frame.

The main objective of this sales campaign strategy is to create a sense of urgency to benefit from the deal that is being offered. Some of the best ways to do this are creating urgency-driven pop-ups and creatively notifying customers of this deal in the subject of your emails.

-Free samples

The idea of giving away sample tests of products leads to an increased desire of wanting to consume. As people sample your products, they get an idea of their usage and how it meets their needs. It is a powerful promotional idea, and customers purchase the product with greater frequency than before.

Offering free samples is a brilliant idea for attracting potential customers who never intended to buy your products. After the freebies, many people are likely to change their perception of buying your commodities. The result is an improved market expansion and growth in immediate and future sales.

-Flash sale

Creating urgency for customers to make purchases by implementing flash sales can increase your client purchases. Unlike the limited-time sale, which may not necessarily include the deadline, flash sales are more effective if you integrate deadlines into the message.

The strategy can be best executed by using countdown timers, showing the discounts you are offering, and constantly reminding the customers of the offers and discounts through email, social media, and text messages while considering sms api cost.

-Clearance sale

Businesses tend to stock up on their supplies and products if they get better deals on the price of the commodities they purchase while still being able to make a profit from them. You may realize you have excess stock that takes up so much space and resources that can be put to good use; hence conducting a clearance sale can be an excellent way to dispose of them off at subsidized prices.

This strategy will help get rid of the excess stock and increase the company’s sales in the long run. You will also attract potential customers to your business, helping boost your customer base while retaining your loyal customers.

-Prized promotion

Prized promotions are an incredible way to drive sales in your business while creating an interactive experience for your customers. Prized promotions help create a competitive environment allowing your customers to win a prize from the business and make purchases while at it.

You can also use this chance to gather information about the clients, including their contact information, for targeted email marketing with the aim of converting visitors into repeat clients. The gaming experience will help encourage individuals to make in-house or online sales, helping drive your business sales.

-Limited-time free shipping promotion

Customers typically incur charges they would wish to avoid when making purchases that require shipping. Incorporating a strategy that will allow for free shipping is a significant way to increase your sales and increase your business profit.

One of the best ways to conduct a free shipping promotion is by setting a threshold for free shipping whereby a minimum purchase is set to get free shipping. It is possible for you to set a time frame within which the offer is valid to create urgency among the buyers who may not be in haste to make a purchase.

-Membership reward promotion

Creating a membership program or a customer loyalty program that allows customers to get incentives is an excellent way to drive the business sales as it makes the members feel valued and appreciated. You can implement this strategy by offering discounts for the members during holidays or allowing them to accrue points with every purchase they make.

Once the target is reached, the customer can redeem them for a product of their choice. The membership rewards can also work by offering free products for the customers with the highest membership points, causing them to make more purchases to accrue more points.


Customer engagement is the key in product promotions. As a salesperson, it is essential to consider ways to generate the most engagements, such as those highlighted above.


Amy Sloane is an alum of Oregon State University where she studied marketing and business. She spends her free time writing and is a knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly.

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