7 tech problems small businesses deal with

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By Sierra Powell

In today’s world, most, if not all, businesses and companies have adopted technology into their operations, making IT a critical component in the industry. Such technologies have positively impacted businesses, from improved service delivery to high-quality products. However, even with its effectiveness, technology can also cause disruptions within a business.

Moreover, when IT is not doing so well, purchasing helpful business tools becomes frustrating and expensive. Extensive analysis of the small business world has seen some common technology-related problems, slowing down the operations. Below are some of the most recurrent technological setbacks that face most small businesses and startups.

– Keeping up with technology trends

Running a small business is not a child’s play. When you are not spending time trying to devise better ways to grow the business, you are busy dealing with the daily activities. With such a busy schedule, keeping up with the current affairs and latest trends in the technology world can be a problem.

Many technological tools are at your disposal, from accounting programs to desktop services. They have proved crucial, especially with cutting down costs time-saving. New and improved programs and applications are being released to transform businesses further. Therefore, it is upon the entrepreneurs to take some time off their busy schedules and reassess their technological needs. Researching about the new technologies that other companies are adopting can be helpful too.

– IT costs

Yes, the market brims with technology options the small businesses can use to ease their operations. However, the most significant challenge remains the user-friendliness of these tools. This is why most of them choose to go for the customer-focused tools and cut off the costly burden of training their own employees.

Why not outsource the services? Most of the small businesses work under a tight budget. This sometimes makes it hard for them to afford the costly outsourcing expenses.

Additionally, if you are a small business owner and you fall victim to common computer-related problems, the cost of the regular engineer visits will definitely become a burden to the business.

– Data storage

Most of the small businesses have stored their business data in their desktops and laptops. Since the data is easily accessible, they tend to forget how reliant they are on them. If the data is not backed up safely somewhere, there is always the risk of losing it if the computer breaks, gets damaged, or is stolen, which can have adverse repercussions to the business.

Small businesses are advised to look for alternative options safe enough for the important business data, protecting it even from human error.

– Outdated software

When was the last time you purchased new software for the business? Have you at least updated the present ones? When a business uses outdated equipment and software, normal operations are slowed down, impacting productivity. With the wide range of technological deals being offered, your business should not struggle with frozen devices and faulty applications.

– Program issues

Moreover, there are additional applications, files, and programs whose absence can slow down or affect computers’ performance. Many programs need certain files to run properly. You may run into errors caused by missing adobe cc amtlib.dll files which prevent the program from functioning properly; you’ll want to look out for these too! These types of issues can usually be solved easily by adding the missing file type back into the program.

– Security and compliance

This is a problem that mostly affects the small businesses whose operations are governed by government regulations; they can sometimes prove hard to comply with. For instance, you might be given a contract by the government to deliver some services but keep the information classified. As a small business, you do not have the luxury of the powerful systems that can protect all the files. The ones at your disposal might be easily hacked and the information tampered with.

– Delays in repair of IT devices

Every technological device in your company needs regular checkup and maintenance services, a thing that most businesses tend to neglect. When every device works to its full potential, the business operations will run smoothly and much faster without distractions. Also, it is better to fix the problems just after they arise instead of waiting until the damage has occurred and it can’t work anymore. In fact, fixing it in that state will cost more.

The current market is highly competitive. Therefore, the businesses that utilize their technological options fully are the ones to benefit the most.


Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.

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