9 tips on how to start a successful online business

By Zirkon Kalti

A lot of people are looking to start a business online, but they don’t know where to start. It is not easy to generate income online nowadays with almost all niches being highly competitive. Yet, it is still possible if you implement a good strategy. The following are 9 tips on how to start a successful business online. 

Find a need and fill it

The first step is to find a market that is not yet saturated. Go to forums and read threads about the problems people are discussing. Then, make a website that caters to fix the problems. You must make sure there is not yet an abundance of competition in the niche by doing research on the web. It will allow you to know whether the niche has any website dominating in it.

Design and build your website

Now it is time to design your website. The website design must complement with the product that you are selling such as product design and logo. It is always best to use a white background and regular fonts. You can include interactive such as pictures, podcasts or videos to enhance your message. If you want your video to play fast, you must compress it to formats like MP4.

In the raw format, the video is high resolution and large size. However, if you compress to MP4, the video size becomes small and the resolution also drops but this is usually not noticeable to the naked eyes. You will need to use a video converter to compress the video. The video converter is handy for converting troublesome video formats like Quicktime to mp4, which is more widely recognized on the web.

Write compelling copy

The next step is to write compelling copy. To convince people to buy, you must give a convincing headline. In the sales copy, talk about how your product is useful and provide examples of the problems it can solve. Give away some product samples in exchange for the reviews. Then, publish them as testimonials in your sales copy. To establish a professional impression, you need to provide a strong guarantee for your product.

Promote your website

Once your site is up, you must promote it so that it can have traffic. Both on and off-site optimization is necessary to drive organic traffic from the search engine like Google and Bing. It will take some time for your site to have established traffic from the search engine. If you want fast traffic, you can purchase pay per click advertising. PPC campaigns need expertise ad tweaking and maintenance so you may want to consider hiring an internet marketing agency to help you in this. You can also pay money to get mentioned on an influencer’s account on social media.

Give away freebies to attract traffic

If you want to rely on organic search traffic, you can attract people to come to your website by giving away free stuff. On your website, give away something free. If the quality of your free stuff is good, you will be able to attract a large amount of traffic. You can then think of how to convert this traffic into some income on your website. On your website, always include a link on sending to a friend or sharing social media button so that people can know about your site.

Invest in a stable internet

Since you run an online business, you need to invest in an internet plan with a stable connection. The speed of the internet depends on the type of activities the nature of your online business requirements. For example, if your online business requires a lot of uploading/downloading of files, then, you need to invest in an internet plan with a fast connection.

Be persistent in your online marketing effort

If you want to succeed in online business, you must learn to be persistent because it is not possible to see the result overnight. If you are persistent, you will not easily give up when you don’t see any conversion on your website. You will keep on doing all the things you should promote your website to arrive at your goal.

Carry out an email marketing campaign

Starting from the first day, you should be implementing your email marketing campaign. Sending newsletters to your customers allow you to develop a relationship with them. This type of marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing methods like TV, and radio. If someone comes to your landing page and enters his email address, the lead will be highly converting. This is because people will only subscribe to things that they are interested in.

Be nice to your customers

If you sell products, you are bound to get some customers complaints so you need to learn how to handle these problems. Handle your customer complaints in a manner that will protect your brand’s online reputation. Even if the customer is wrong, you must talk politely to them so that they will not post something bad about you in the feedback. If you are nice to your customers, you will be able to maintain a loyal customer’s base and you will also get a lot of recommendations from them.


Zirkon Kalti is a freelance writer with 9+ years of experience. He can write on general articles on a variety of topics.

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