Beyond paperless: Making your office extra green

By Henry Brown

The majority of small businesses know that it’s good practice to follow basic green initiatives, such as going paperless and turning off their machines when they’re not in use. It keeps costs down and helps to win over a public who are, more and more, choosing the companies to whom they give their money based on their broader social conscious. But most companies stop after taking care of the bare minimum. To be a bona fide “green company,” you need to go deeper. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can make your business even more environmentally friendly.

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Are all of your employees arriving to work solo, all in their own set of wheels? Then maybe it’s time to introduce a transportation initiative that’ll significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint: ride sharing! It’s easy enough to set up, and then whoever lives near to each other can take turns driving each other into work. They’ll get to know one another, too. Elsewhere, you can look at adding bicycle storage as a way to encourage your employees to cycle rather than drive to work – letting people go half an hour early on Fridays if they cycle will motivate them to get on two wheels, too.

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If you’ve got an outdoor space in your office, why not look at setting up a vegetable garden? The benefits of this go far beyond having fresh veggies for the annual company BBQ! It engages employees, promotes teamwork, and shows off your eco credentials to the world. Take a look at water tanks for sale, and you’ll be able to collect rainwater to be used to watering during the dry summer months, too. You’ll be surprised at just how motivated employees are to be involved, and there’s another benefit, also – it’ll get employees outside throughout the day, which is key for boosting productivity.

Technology and software

With all this talk of veg gardens and bike schemes, let’s not forget that you have a job to do, and you’ll be using plenty of technology and software to make things tick. When it comes to kitting out your office with printers and computers, make sure you’re buying energy-efficient technology that has a low carbon footprint. You can also make Ecosia the official search engine of the company, too – they plant trees when people search.

Giving back

Want to do more the community and environment, and promote teamwork throughout your company? Then take a look at getting involved with local environmental charities. You might be able to offer the services of your company to help in a direct way, such as by picking up local trash, or an indirect way, such as helping an environmental charity raise money.

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Ultimately, all that’s required to make your company even greener is a little bit of thought! Hold a brainstorming session with employees to get their input and enthusiasm. There’s usually an eco-friendly option for most matters connected with your business. Before committing to anything, make sure your plans are good for the earth!


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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