Big data: From buzzword to small business benefits

big-data-1667212_640By Chris Landry
Big data isn’t only for big business. Small- and medium-sized businesses can also use the benefits of big data in their own way. Many small business owners work on instinct rather hard facts, and while this is an admirable trait, many of them could see better results if they engaged with big data analytics.

There doesn’t need to be a major investment, but big data can also be about the small things. For example, it can show you the days of the week with the largest email open rate and things like price points that drive sales. These things are relevant for all companies, not just big ones.

In its most basic form, small businesses can even benefit from data derived from something like a questionnaire. Why not prepare a questionnaire trying to get more in-depth information from customers about topics relevant to your business? The results could be extremely useful. The infographic below is more of a high-level overview of big data, but hopefully it will give small business owners some inspiration of their own.
Chris Landry is the Managing Director of Colourfast, an international paper and plastic card printer that is based in Ontario, Canada.
 Big Data In Practice: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits

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