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First impressions: The importance of responding effectively to incoming calls and emails

Mark G. Auerbach discusses the importance of responding effectively and promptly to incoming calls and emails from customers or clients.

Steps to protect your small business

James Daniels outlines the key steps you need to take to protect your small business.

Ways to build a strong connection with your customers

James Daniels offers ideas on how you can build customer loyalty for your small business.

Should your company take a stand? Conventional wisdom vs. reality in 2021

Michelle van Schouwen discusses whether it’s advisable for small business owners to take a stand on social and political issues and how to do so smartly.

Why excellent customer service is an integral part of your small business success

Henry Brown writes about the importance of customer service and points to three ways you can improve it in your small business.

Getting paid as a freelancer

Henry Brown offers tips on how to make sure you get paid if you’re working as a freelancer.

How to handle the legal side of your small business venture

Anita Ginsburg discusses the decisions you need to make regarding the legal structure and other legal matters of your new small business.

Competing with big players: Customer retention tips for small tech businesses

Ashely Wilson suggests ways that tech companies can improve customer retention.

Planning a graceful exit from your small business

Mark Auerbach writes about a colleague who faces the task of closing his business after receiving a terminal diagnosis. What do you need to put in place is this happens to you?

How to create a better connection with your customers

Henry Brown suggests ways small business owners can create stronger relationships with their customers.

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