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Good small business reads #30: Advice on hiring, websites, media interviews and more

Blogger Jeanne Yocum brings you this month’s issue of “Good Small Business Reads.”

Four tips for putting your business plan to work for your small business

Blogger Karen Utgoff explains how you can turn your business plan into a highly effective management tool to support the growth of your small business.

Recognizing employee longevity is important for small businesses

Long-serving employees are the backbone of many small businesses so it’s important to recognize them appropriately on anniversaries and other occasions. Here are tips on ways to do that.

Learning to delegate is the key to small business productivity and growth

Blogger Jeanne Yocum writes about why it’s essential for small business owners to learn to delegate authority to their employees.

Enabling steady progress will make your small business employees more creative and productive

Blogger Jeanne Yocum advises small business owners to make sure they’re enabling employees to make progress each day, a key component in employee productivity, creativity and happiness on the job.

Good small business reads #26: Year-end tax moves, how to negotiate, and advice on employee bonuses

This issue of “Good Small Business Reads” includes links to articles on year-end tax tips, negotiating skills, achieving work/life balance and how to make employees happy.

6 keys to being a successful franchisee

Intrigued by the idea of being a franchisee? Here are six things you need to consider in order to be a success.

Leadership communication, lesson 4: Your core communication responsibilities

Blogger Jeanne Yocum writes about the chief communications responsibilities of small business owners.

Is it annual review time at your small business?

Blogger Laurie Breitner provides valuable tips on how to gain the most value from employee reviews in your small business.

7 mistakes small business owners need to avoid when it comes to human resources management

Guest poster Patricia Sweeney discusses seven areas of human resources management that can lead to big problems if they aren’t addressed appropriately by small business owners.

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