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A dose of small business inspiration as summer turns to fall

Are you going to make your business goals for the year? If you’re running behind, what can you do over the next four months to catch up so you end up where you want to be?

Good reads: Issue #3: Creative daydreaming and other thought-provoking ideas

The idle mind may be the devil’s workshop, but it is also the mother of invention, according to journalist and blogger Clive Thompson.

Let a ghostwriter put spirit into your business message

Everybody knows that many famous executives have behind-the-scenes help from ghostwriters when they write books on how they succeeded in business, give lucrative keynote speeches, or submit opinion pieces to The Wall Street Journal. What many people don’t realize is that lots of not-so-famous executives and professionals also rely on ghostwriters to help them spread their business messages.

Free book chapter offered on how to network with a purpose

Stefan’s advice is simple: Only network if you have a purpose. Here’s how he explains this in his new book, The Open Innovation Revolution: Essentials, Roadblocks and Leadership Skills (available on

Good reads: Issue #1

Here are three articles I came across last week that talk about important topics for small business owners.

Public speaking: A critical success skill that anyone can learn…and I do mean anyone

So if public speaking scares you to death or if your skills need polishing, do something about it! There are plenty of resources available to help you. Besides the Dale Carnegie course, which is now given in a two-day format rather than the 8-week evening course I took years ago, there is Toastmasters International.

How not to talk to customers on Twitter

So here’s the business lesson in this: Please don’t put a neophyte in charge of your Twitter presence. Since only 70 people are following @fchp_tips, I have to guess that Fallon is very new at this game. But they’d better learn quickly. It takes training and a cool head to respond to unhappy campers like me.

Four media relations mistakes tech companies make

Here are four common errors to avoid when pursuing publicity for your technology company:

3 books every business owner should read

The three books I’m going to recommend that every business owner–actually, every business person–should read are books about grammar. That’s right, grammar.

What don’t you know that could kill your business?

So what’s happening in your industry that is changing how things are done? What don’t you know that could come back to bite you? No matter how long you’ve been in business, continuous learning is still a must. To think you know it all is a recipe for disaster. New opportunities are always popping up, and your competitors are ready to take advantage of them. Don’t assume you already know everything you need to know. Because you probably don’t.

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