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Mid-year review: Taking stock on a year half over

Don’t be one of those people who gets to the end of the year and is surprised that things haven’t happened as planned. Mid-course reviews – and any necessary corrections – are important.

Small Business Success Q&A #17: Manor Hall Soap Company

This small business success profile is of Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap Company in Springfield, MA.

Extending the “buy local” message: Let’s include B2B services as well

It’s high time the “buy local” message is extended well beyond farm stands, restaurants and retail businesses to include B2B services as well.

Good small biz reads #10: Find your point of difference, raising dough, and doing a good job with your business writing

As we launch into May, it’s time for another edition of good small biz reads, in which I share three of the best articles I’ve found in the past month to help guide small business owners along the path to success.

SWOT: Connect the dots to a better future for your small business

We see identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) as only the beginning. If you stop there, you haven’t connected the dots to day-to-day actions.

Opportunities and threats: What’s in store for your company?

Here are three fundamental challenges that many companies face when identifying and assessing opportunities and threats.

Intrapreneurs: Create an atmosphere that allows them to thrive in your small business

Intrapreneurs can help a small business maintain its competitive edge. But too often they’re labeled as troublemakers. Don’t make that mistake.

Brand building basics: Part 2

Here are the three key implementation steps you need to follow to bring your brand to life.

Leaders: Specifics matter when communicating key goals

While you may feel you’ve talked a topic that is critical to the future of your company to death, check to see if the right message has really gotten through.

Good reads issue #8: Why small businesses fail, a controversial view of WalMart, and help with your press releases

Here’s a potpourri of articles of interest to small businesses that I came upon in recent weeks.

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