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Intrapreneurs: Create an atmosphere that allows them to thrive in your small business

Intrapreneurs can help a small business maintain its competitive edge. But too often they’re labeled as troublemakers. Don’t make that mistake.

Brand building basics: Part 2

Here are the three key implementation steps you need to follow to bring your brand to life.

Leaders: Specifics matter when communicating key goals

While you may feel you’ve talked a topic that is critical to the future of your company to death, check to see if the right message has really gotten through.

Good reads issue #8: Why small businesses fail, a controversial view of WalMart, and help with your press releases

Here’s a potpourri of articles of interest to small businesses that I came upon in recent weeks.

Reflections and resolutions for a successful new fiscal year

These four questions are designed to structure your annual business review and to give you a foundation to spot challenges, points of pride, and opportunities.

Community colleges: A resource for small business owners

Small business owners should find out what resources their local community college has to help them learn how to run a successful business.

Hiring a salesperson: Is your company ready?

Hiring sales staff can have a tremendously positive impact on company performance; but is your company ready to take this big step?

Good reads issue #5: Taxes, ways to lose a sale, and smart advice from a world-class CEO

Here’s my latest issue of good reads for small business owners.

Ready to Get Back on Track? Practical Steps to Overcome Organizational Inertia

Learn practical steps to refocus your organization and change its cultural habits.

A dose of small business inspiration as summer turns to fall

Are you going to make your business goals for the year? If you’re running behind, what can you do over the next four months to catch up so you end up where you want to be?

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