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Do you dread doing performance reviews? Try these steps for better results

Blogger Laurie Breitner writes about ways to lower the tension level when conducting an employee performance review and thereby produce better outcomes for you and your employees.

Small business owners: Learn the wisdom of “no”

Laurie Breitner explains why sometimes saying “no” is the wisest thing a small business owner can do.

Get your new small business hire off to a great start

Laurie Breitner explains the plan small businesses should put in place to assure that new hire get off to a good start.

Hiring is easy, until you start to think about people

Laurie Breitner raises some important questions about the hiring process and how to handle various scenarios that arise around hiring choices you make for your small business.

Your client base: Mining this important source of valuable information

Laurie Breitner gives advice on how to study your client/customer base to gain valuable information that will help move your small business forward.

Is your small business down? What is your strategy for getting up off the mat?

If your small business is struggling, here are some strategies for getting up off the mat during these tough economic times.

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