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The top business improvements to make in the new year

Lexie Lu offers advice on key improvements to consider for your small business in 2021.

Is your small business safe this holiday season?

Lexie Lu offers smart tips on how to make sure your small business stays secure during the holiday season.

Should my business go international?

Lexie Lu discusses six steps you should take before deciding whether to take your small business international.

How small businesses should handle big data

Lexie Lu explains how small business owners can make use of big data.

What to consider during your first product launch

Lexie Lu discusses how to do a great launch for your new product.

Your business and 2019 taxes: What you need to know about filing

Lexie Lu writes about what you need to know before filing your 2019 business taxes before the extended deadline.

7 reasons why you should open a retail store this year

Lexie Lu offers ideas on how to make your new retail store a success.

How to prepare your small business for Q1

Lexie Lu suggests ways you can get your small business off to a great start in the first quarter of 2020.

Why your small business should care about commercial art

Lexie Lu writes about the importance of commercial art in setting an image for your small business.

Is your small business ready for a retail space?

Lexie Lu lays out the questions you should answer to determine if you’re ready to open a retail location for your small business.

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